The C Word Redux


News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


Some people think Hillary Clinton is robotic and hard to sympathize with, but even our hearts went out to her on this one.

On a special politicians’ episode of Wheel of Fortune, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton nearly took home the grand prize. She was on the last puzzle of the regular rounds of the game, which read, CHRISTI_N. The audience began to cheer as it appeared Clinton had finally won something.

But, as is usual for Clinton, she snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and shouted “Easter worshiper!” instead of the obvious answer, which was “Christian.”


Go here to read the rest.  It was probably due to mental confusion.  She kept thinking “Christian” but the word that kept coming to her mind was “Deplorable”.

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  1. As one of the deplorables who happily voted against pantsuit, the “C” word that describes her is not a Christian one.

  2. No Gender. No Borders. No National Sovereignty. No Religious Identity. No Coincidence. One big happy “commune”.

  3. Cojones el’ captain!
    Your being kind.
    My vulgar description, which starts with C, is only a four letter word. TAC is not tacky, so it’s best I move along and think of kinder things. After all…it’s fun watching the liberal media make fools of themselves. Late night talk shows have nothing on evening “news” programming.

    What a farce. The whole lot of them are shameless enemies of the State.

  4. Easter worshippers- as in those who worship chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies. Oh yes, these people infuriarate ISIS, but give the likes of Hilary a fuzzy warm feeling inside. I’m glad she has finally given these people the recognition they deserve. #Themtoo #EWLivesMatter #EWTakeAnElbow

    There’s something definitely not right with that woman #RealHilaryClinton

  5. Too right Mary. Abit like the narcissist “Becoming Michelle Obama”- I mean who does she think who or what she.

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