PopeWatch: Cardinal Sarah

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As we celebrate the resurrection of the son of God, the terrible attacks in Sri Lanka once again show how the followers of Christ are all over the world the victims of wild and foolish deeds. I condemn this barbaric Islamist violence. Pray. + RS

The only thing wrong with the above, is that it was tweeted by Cardinal Sarah and not Pope Sarah.  May God send us the Pope we need, in the place of the Pope we deserve.

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Hattip to commenter Nate Winchester.

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  1. I God’s timing.
    Jesus I Trust in You.

    ( The stains of Lavender take time to break down and the time is coming when all that is hidden will be exposed. Once exposed then eradicated. )

  2. “May God send us the Pope we need, in the place of the Pope we deserve.”

    I agree, this, I’m afraid is what we deserve today. Only a loving Father wanting the best for us would test and discipline us in this manner. This deserving may also be what we are in dire NEED of also.

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