Says it All

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Fr. Matthew Mary, EWTN, tells it like it is.

When I don’t go to daily Mass, I try to watch the daily EWTN Mass.  I did so today :  amazing, wonderful

The PC Police Come For Indiana Jones

Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts gives us the details:   So one Angelo Delos Trinos wrote over at Screen Rants why Raiders

The Day the World Wept

The things you find on Youtube! First broadcast on February 9, 1960, the above is an episode of One Step Beyond entitled


  1. Orange Man Bad!

    The economy unexpectedly (lying media’s favorite word) grew at 3.2%.

    It could be expanding at over 4% but McCain (against what he campaigned on) voted to keep ACA/Obamacare and the Fed (the only CB in the world to raise rates?) raised interest rate targets eight times since the glorious 2016 election.

    GDP Expansion Bad When Orange Man Is President!

  2. I check a website, MarketWatch, for the Dow numbers periodically. The articles on that website are awful and the comments are worse. Trump is the worst President ever, etc. Stupidity loves itself.

  3. Speaking of saying it all, has the Washington compost said anything yet about the attack on Passover worshippers in southern California?

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