Your Peter Pence Dollars at Work

This Papacy is beyond belief:


Pope Francis has donated 500,000 dollars to assist migrants in Mexico. The funds, from the Peter’s Pence collections, will be distributed among 27 projects promoted by sixteen Mexican dioceses and religious congregations, which requested assistance in continuing to provide food, lodging, and basic necessities to the migrants.

Go here to read the rest.  Twenty-eight percent of Peter’s Pence comes from the United States.  As long as Francis is Pope they will never get another dime from me.

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  1. “As long as Francis is Pope they will never get another dime from me.”
    Yes, stop giving to Peter’s Pence plus your Bishop’s annual diocese collection.

  2. I’m not seeing the evidence presented in that quotation. (Still, just about any story of corruption or abuse of power is plausible these days).

  3. Art, the story is from the Vatican News website. They WANT it know that PF is funding it with the Peter Pence fund.
    “the aid is intended to assist the more than 75,000 people who arrived in Mexico in 2018, in six migrant caravans.”

  4. Pope donating to Clinton’s campaign- was that on the Vatican website also? Where has this claim come from?

    Our Parish priest (Sydney) announces at the end of Mass and in newsletter, exactly which Charity the diocese quarterly special collections go to. My children’s school collect for Caritas during Lent and the school always receive a thank you letter specifying who their collection goes to.

    I wouldn’t give a cent either, unless I know exactly where my money is going to. You are better off sponsoring a child through World Vision where you see the fruits of your donation than donating to anyone just because it has the “Catholic” label attached to it.

    In these economic times, if the Vatican continue this smug arrogance, they are going to struggle collecting even a wad of dirty tissues. No one wants their hard earned money going towards political filth.

  5. Thanks Donald. Just read it…I wish I hadn’t. He needs a visit from God, much like St Paul received on the road to Damascus.

  6. It would be very hard to insert a knife in between the political positions of Pope Francis and those of the leading Al Gore-George Soros-Tom Steyer-type globalist cartel leaders.

  7. Who is this Pope? What is an immigrant? it is someone who cant live in their cuontry because of presecution, those at the border are notmigrants, they are invader.Tell that to popeFrancis.

  8. Now I need to spend the money I would have given to Peter’s pence on more boxes of bullets.

    This simply makes me want to vote twice for Trump 2020.

  9. We have plenty of needy persons in our own neighborhood. Find someone who needs shoes, a decent meal, someone with more than several children. These need help. I did at one time sponsor a child through Christian Childrens’ Fund but they went secular. Now it is “Unbound”. Unbound what? Unbound from ethics and morality?
    CRS Catholic Relief Services sponsored a gay parade in Canada for $5,000 some years ago.
    I like the idea of accountability and thank you letters from recipients.
    “As long as Francis is Pope they will never get another dime from me”

  10. No money to the Roman Church. None. Zero. St. Peter had neither silver nor gold when he healed that lame man at the Beautiful Gate in Acts 3:1-10. The henchmen of this Argentinian Caudillo need none either. Starve them all.

  11. “We have plenty of needy persons in our own neighbouhood” Very true Mary. Many need it around us. Sometimes it’s our time they need or someone to talk to, not always our financial charity.

    But I can say from experience, I sponsored a boy from Senegal for 10 years until he reached the age he didn’t need our sponsorship. We received annual letters, photos and updates from him through World Vision. And I found the charity wasn’t pushy towards the sponsor and they were understanding when we were unable to give that extra donation during Christmas some years. A good Charity with real practical results helping poor disadvantaged children and their communities. And you see the fruits of your donation. Not a Catholic charity (but so what), however it has a Christian ethos- sponsors children of all Faiths and concentrates the assistance on food, shelter, education and improving quality of life.

  12. EZABELLE: “I sponsored a boy from Senegal for 10 years” Christian Children’s Fund was started by a Christian. Now it is secular.
    My sponsored child lived in Guatemala and was being taught by Franciscan sisters. Nowhere will you find the name of the founder as the fund has been usurped. If they are ashamed of Christ, they will not have my support.
    I do outreach and soup kitchens, right to life and pregnancy centers.

  13. We have plenty of needy persons in our own neighborhood.

    Physical and e-neighborhoods.

    Keep an eye out for folks you know are who need help.

  14. Mary- sorry, I’m not sure if I was confusing in my explaination (apologies if I was)- I was referring to World Vision (a secular charity but the CEO is a Christian), being the charity I sponsored the child through, not Christian Children’s Fund. I agree with you, charities shouldn’t tack on the name “Christian” to charities if they are not adhering to Christ’s teachings. They should reveal they are secular and let Christians make a transparent and informed choice as to who and what they are supporting.

    Good on you for helping at the soup kitchen and pregnancy centres. This is a goal for me once the kids are grown. I did volunteer for a pro-life crisis pregnancy helpline for 6 years pre-children. It taught me alot. A little difficult doing this as a mum in the trenches- I must be honest, I would find it too difficult,emotionally and mentally, now.

  15. EZABELLE: “I did volunteer for a pro-life crisis pregnancy helpline for 6 years pre-children. It taught me alot.” Thank you for your pro-life work and thank God for your pro-life work.
    Raising children is the most important work you will ever do. I often remember that St. Joseph and Mary offered two turtle doves as a sacrifice at the Presentation of the infant Jesus in the temple. Consider that God loves your children more than you do for your children are His first. Your willingness to perform God’s work is an acceptible sacrifice. God will provide opportunities for your charity when you place yourself in His hands.

  16. By “political filth” I assume you mean the Republican Party?? How can you people call yourselves Christians?? Try reading the Bible, the Sermon on the Mount – you know (or don’t) “Love Thy Neighbor”?

  17. Well CT, thus far I have read the Old Testament 15 times and the New Testament 44 times. How many times have you read the Bible? Judging from your internet address of jc@heaven. com, I suspect not many. The next time you peruse the New Testament you might examine Matthew 22: 21.

  18. CT-
    That was a truly pathetic attempt.

    You might have appealed to the idea of helping those on the ground in Mexico– the caravans are, after all, overwhelmingly young men, in large groups; they have known issues dealing with the prior groups stealing what they want from the areas they pass through, unless food and other desired items are provided.
    You could have tried appealing to the issue of local corruption, since a large amount of this will likely be taken by the cartels or corrupted officals in the area, thus promoting those twin brutalities on the local population and the migrants themselves.

    But no. You have to go forth, blind and lame, and strike at American politics.

    1/10, only because 0/10 isn’t an option.

  19. Isabelle, the Charitas in Perth Diocese sent an email few years ago to all on their email list “advising” to vote Labor, the Australian party of death, because of social issues or something. Not a penny in donations to that “Catholic” organization from me. Corrupted like the rest.

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