Bad Ideas Are Us

What is a shortcut to determine whether something is a very bad idea?  See if the current Vatican is rushing to embrace it.

The social doctrine considers that a legitimate authority must be able to serve the common good at all relevant levels. Challenges like ecology, particularly climate change, human trafficking, energy, defence, regulation of the globalized economy cannot be dealt with by competing sovereign national states alone. The European Union is an example of what could become a supranational state with precise and limited sovereignty in matters of European common good.

The above is from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, currently run by the Pope’s chum, Archbishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo.  Sorondo has delivered in the past the following comments:

Q. Several Catholic intellectuals and media sources criticized your decision to collaborate with Ban Ki-moon and Jeffrey Sachs on climate change, because of their positions on abortion and population control. Do you have any reply to these concerns?

S.S. The Tea Party and all those whose income derives from oil have criticized us, but not my superiors, who instead authorized me, and several of them participated.



 Bishop Sorondo highlighted numerous points of agreement between the Holy See and Beijing, which “is defended the dignity of the person” following, more than other countries, the encyclical of Francisco “Laudato Si” on the care of the common home, placing himself between the most active advocates of the Cop21 agreement (the United Nations conference to limit the emission of gases that cause global warming).  In this, he is assuming a moral leadership that others have left:

 ” The economy does not dominate politics, as in the United States , said by the Americans themselves.  How is it possible that the oil multinationals manage (Donald) Trump?  When, we know, that is doing wrong to the earth.  According to the encyclical and according to what the scientists say.  Liberal thought has liquidated the concept of the common good, they do not even want to take it into account, it affirms that it is an empty idea, without any interest.  On the other hand, the Chinese do not propose work and the common good “.


Archbishop Sorondo went on in the interview to say that human-affected climate change was considered science. He added that the pope not only has the right but also the duty to rely on science in addition to doctrine and philosophy in seeking out truth.

If the pope expresses himself on such a subject, then this was not arbitrary, he said, as the pope’s words are not restricted to the area of ​​”doctrine of faith and morals.” 

The pope makes use of the truths of science or philosophy to not only explain to man how to get to heaven, said the archbishop, but also what he must do on earth. 

All human activities have to do with ethics, the Argentinean archbishop said, so they are already within the jurisdiction of the pope.

Archbishop Sorondo is a close adviser to Pope Francis and the Chancellor of both the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. He has repeatedly welcomed pro-abortion and population control advocates to the Vatican for conferences under the pretext of the climate issue.

Last month, just before President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would pull out of the controversial Paris Climate Agreement, the archbishop likened climate ideology skeptics to flat-earthers as well.



Of course the Church does have some history behind this, other than the fact that lickspittle idiots like Sorondo too often oil their way into the upper ranks of the Church.   The Church created the Holy Roman Empire and then spent the next thousand years fighting against it.  When it comes to secular politics, the Church has no charism of infallibility, a conclusion thumpingly endorsed by the history of the Church.


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  1. I’m reminded of St. Peter’s words to Jesus; Douay-Rheims Bible,
    “And Simon Peter answered him: Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.”

    When contemplating leaving the Holy Catholic Church because of the corrupt sick individuals who are shepherds of Holy Catholic Church I always come back to Peter’s words….

    On this Divine Mercy Sunday may Christ wash the shepherds clean. If they refuse the wash, may Christ help them depart from leading the faithful.

  2. On delving into secular things:
    My bishop has never written or said anything ever on contraception or Humanae Vitae, but he’s a prolific writer and speaker on climate change and the rights of migrants.
    Seems the more he avoids what he really should be writing and speaking on, the more he delves into areas that he ought not.
    (There’s also no money or worldly praise in taking on contraception, where the USCCB received 1/2 billion dollars in the last ten years to resettle migrants.)

  3. This man is either stupid or a liar. Has he ever spoken to a Chinese migrant. Come, Australia is filled with them! They will tell you of how cruel the Chinese government is towards its people. From forced abortions, a horrible public health system (a family member diagnosed with cancer is financial ruin for a regular middle class family). The cost of living in the cities is super high- 70% of the average wage goes towards their mortgages. The inequality of the classes- as in rich and middle class- is a major problem in so-called “socialist” communist China. People are afraid to speak up,which says it all.

    In Australia, they queue in the supermarket aisles to purchase baby formula to send back to China because they don’t trust the Chinese stuff (babies have died consuming baby formula riddled with chalk and other fillers).

    I wouldnt ask the Chinese government for any advice regarding anything other than how to lie, steal and cheat your people in order to reach world economic grandness. They are an inhuman and cruel government. It’s public knowledge too. Archbishop Sorondo doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  4. Jonah Goldberg is fond of pointing out that big government loves big business. (And vice versa.) Why? Because it’s much easier to deal with one large bull tham to try and herd a thousand cats.

    This post goes a long way towards convincing me that “big religion” (in this case, the Vatican) has a similar tendency.

  5. Jobah Goldberg can’t stop whining about Trump.
    This archbishop is, to be most charitable, an idiot.

  6. This Cardinal sounds more like a humanitarian than a Christian.

    I pray that’s not the case.

  7. The answer to Peter: We go to Jesus, and consequently to the Holy Catholic Church he founded. At a time when the Pope, most Cardinals, and Bishops, when not spouting heresy, refuse to teach the Catholic Faith, is the Church founded by Jesus still found in Rome or is it’s remnant found elsewhere? A sincere question from a confused and disturbed Catholic.

  8. S.S.: “The pope makes use of the truths of science or philosophy to not only explain to man how to get to heaven, said the archbishop, but also what he must do on earth.”

    Question: When have we heard of the Pope advising folks how to get to heaven? The answer must be that nearly everyone goes to heaven it is obviously pointless to talk about it. So it is better to talk about making a heaven on earth..

    All of this represents the true meaning of Vatican II and Pope Francis is its true personification.


    Jobah Goldberg can’t stop whining about Trump.

    While true (and I’ve found that frustrating about him and wrote on such), these words were said long before Trump and they remain applicable whatever the current political predilection.

  10. I’m having a devil of a time getting past the borderline incoherence.
    I presume it’s translated– not sure if the translator is that bad, or the original is simply too chopped up to be reasonable.

    It reads like a talk-show transcript. Very unclear, but pushing towards emotion, and lacking in the expectation that anybody will actually CHECK what is claimed.

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