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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

NEW YORK, NY—The New York Times has issued a heartfelt apology after the international edition of the newspaper published a cartoon that offended many “Passover worshipers.”

“We are so sorry for any offense this cartoon cause to Passover worshipers,” the paper wrote in its third attempted apology. “The tiny hat guys are upset, and we get it. The cartoon contained a lot of racist stereotypes and propaganda-like caricatures of the dreidel people. We should have had a more careful review process, so we wouldn’t cause offense to the fiddlers on the roof.”

“It was a small editorial oversight. We will strive not to offend Passover worshipers going forward,” the apology concluded.

The paper also committed to hiring consultants from among the “tiny hat guys” who could tell them if they were publishing a cartoon that looks like it could have been published in Germany in the 1930s. “The people with the funny 8-candle thing will help us to better understand anti-semitism and what, if any, bad effects it’s had in the past.

Go here to read the rest.  I think the Bee is being a tad too rough on the New York Times.  They published the cartoon only because it conformed to their internal protocols.  Unfortunately those protocols are entitled Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


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  1. I remember seeing newspaper political cartoons of 30’s Berlin in history books and thought how was it possible for people to be so hateful of another group of people. When I saw the Times political cartoon I was sick to my stomach and dumbstruck that a mainstream newspaper in the United States would bring back the hate that caused millions upon millions of people to die. This scares me. I’m not Jewish but this scares me as a human being.

  2. I think it’s an indicator that this sort of thing is considered perfectly normal among the Eurotrash intelligentsia and their dependents and hangers-on. Neo-neocon posted two previous works by the same Portugese cartoonist. One was published 35 years ago.

  3. Not really sure how it is anti-semitic per se – if I interpret correctly, it is a comment on Trump being led by Netanyahu in, I would surmise, middle east affairs. Is political commentary now verboten?

  4. You are right but this is how it got started in Nazi Germany. You give them an inch and incrementally it gets worse and worse. Sorry. This has no place in America. Anti-semitism is already bad enough in the world

  5. . Is political commentary now verboten?

    When it depicts the Prime Minister of Israel as a dog and Trump as a blind Jew it sure is, at least on this blog. Additionally the cartoon is ludicrous since in my lifetime Trump is the President least likely to be controlled by anyone.

  6. Look Don. No matter what Trump does it will be wrong. First he’s Putin’s puppet, then he’s Limbaughs puppet and now Netanyahu’s. People are sick today Don, very sick. There is no reasoning with any of them.

  7. Pepper spray? Plus. Get a gun. Practice with it. Carry it. Know your surroundings. Identify potential threats (notoriously Mattis would look around a room and figure how to kill each present) . Maintain a low profile. Keep moving.

    I come to bury the media not to praise the liars.

    Interesting mind game. Imagine, if you will, the lying media and lunatic lefts’ wailing and gnashing of teeth if an alt-white blog or something depicted as a dog a glib gay, a bilious black, a lisping lesbian, a tyrannical tranny, a murdering Muslim, . . .

    The stupidity. It hurts.

    In other newspeak, Mayor Pete Buttagieg made a pilgrimage to Harlem to kiss Al Sharpton’s ring. I hope Rev. Al rinsed off the blood.

    I’m so open-minded. I’ll vote for Mayor Pete (he promises to do to America what he did to South Bend) when he pledges to only deploy (They Are So Special) gay soldiers to the next war.

  8. Those opposed to the existence of the state of Israel are also those opposed to the existence & expression of Western Civilization & its ideals–including the republican form of government of the US. [Don’t lecture me, Don. I specified our specific form of republic–not republics in general.]

    The deadly enemies of the state of Israel are the deadly enemies of of Western Civilization including non-Muslim American citizens.

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