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It is truly nauseating how many of the acolytes of Pope Francis seem to wish to elevate him to more than the Vicar of Christ.  Of course it is not only his acolytes who do this.  In order to help justify his refusal to answer the Vigano allegations, the Pope has often attempted to use Christ as a divine shield.  He said this on Palm Sunday this year:


“The silence of Jesus throughout his passion is profoundly impressive,” Francis said. “He also overcomes the temptation to answer back, to act like a ‘superstar’. In moments of darkness and great tribulation, we need to keep silent, to find the courage not to speak, as long as our silence is meek and not full of anger.”

“The meekness of silence will make us appear even weaker, humbler,” the pope said. “Then the devil will take courage and come out into the open. We need to resist him in silence, ‘holding our position,’ but with the same attitude as Jesus.”

“As we wait for the Lord to come and calm the storm,” he said, “by our silent witness in prayer we give ourselves and others ‘an accounting for the hope that is within [us]’.”

Go here to read the rest.  Pio Nono began the process of forming an alliance between ordinary Catholics and the Pope.  Pope Francis is doing his worst to destroy that alliance.


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  1. I was listening to Al Kresta yesterday and he had Mathew Bunson on to discuss this letter. I will paraphrase, but they both expressed their “disappointment” with the authors. Al stated that it was, in his opinion, appropriate for the authors to “discuss” among themselves whether the Pope is a formal heretic, but they both agreed a public letter was wrong. They also made it clear there were arguments in support of the authors’ opinions, but that it wasn’t “clear” the authors were correct in their conclusions. Finally, they were disappointed the authors didn’t get some bishops as signatories to the letter. Sorry, but what cowards. These learned Catholics can’t figure out whether the Pope has advocated heretical positions, or not? Really? If they are that confused, then maybe that fact alone is all the evidence one needs. Similarly, it’s ok to discuss this among the intelligentsia, but ordinary Catholics are simply supposed to be on their own with their distrust of this pope? I mean, you have celebrity priests like “Father Larry” running around who tell ordinary Catholics it’s a sin to hold any critical thoughts regarding this Pope. Well, thank God for the courage of these men and women who properly waited for the cowardly bishops to act and, out of mercy, did what they were required to do, by their consciences, once it became clear the bishops were never going to do a thing. My suspicion is that Kresta and Bunson’s position would change if they weren’t professional Catholics whose livelihoods depended upon staying in the good graces of those in power. I truly wish Mother Angelica was on the air today. I believe she would be way more Raymond Arroyo, and not so much Al Kresta.

  2. “He also overcomes the temptation to answer back, to act like a ‘superstar’. If only pope Bozo practiced this every time he got on a plane.

  3. This has been Al Kresta’s opinion for years. One of his usual go-to guests is Mathew Bunson who agrees with him. No surprise there. The local Cincinnati Catholic radio station has finally dropped him from the line-up. That usually happened when no one listens.

  4. Based on all his evil actions including heresy, the seemingly forced retirement of Benedict, and the “fixed” conclave we should all consider Pope (?) Francis status uncertain and all of his actions since becoming Pope potentially null and void.

  5. I’m not sure if all this talk about Pope Francis being a heretic or not is helping the faithful around the world. I am not nor is anyone here(I believe) an expert in Canon Law to be able to give a definitive statement about what legally is considered heresy within the Church and what can (legally) be done especially when the accused heretic leads the Church with all authority.

    These two links provide a good idea of the “other” confusion that has come about when so-called people of authority sound the alarm because of the Popes seeming lack of clarity on certain issues which are of themselves confusing. I am not happy with the situation that the Pope seems to have placed on all of us but as I said earlier, I’m not sure how an emotional reaction from persons lacking the knowledge and authority will help either and how it adds, in my view, to the confusion that already exists



    To paraphrase our Lord, “They are the teachers of the faith, they sit on the Seat of Peter. Do what they tell you and obey them, but do not do what they do.”

    Until our Lord changes things in His Church this is where I stand.

  6. “I’m not sure how an emotional reaction…” Either you didn’t read the letter, or that statement is uncharitable. The letter is no sort of emotional reaction in the slightest. As far as the confusion, it is entirely at the feet of Francis who could alleviate it all in a day. The Blessed Lord also told us to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

  7. I completely agree with Michael Dowd: “Based on all his evil actions including heresy, the seemingly forced retirement of Benedict, and the ‘fixed’ conclave we should all consider Pope (?) Francis status uncertain and all of his actions since becoming Pope potentially null and void.”

    Allowing – even encouraging – adulterers to partake of Holy Communion, reversing the Scriptural passage on capital punishment (Genesis 9:6), promoting sodomite-advocates into position of power, and encouraging the gospel of envy (socialism) are enough for me to reject this pompous Caudillo. True, my rejection doesn’t count. Nevertheless, I know what to tell others (particularly my Protestant evangelical and Pentecostal friends) when they ask me what I think.

  8. BTW, today’s Gospel reading from John 6:16-21 (so appropriate) is the story of Jesus walking on the water to the boat in which the disciples are sailing.


    Right now during the heresy of the current Pontificate Jesus is walking on the water while the ship that is the Church rolls on the rising sea as the wind of false doctrine and sinful behavior blows. One day Jesus will come to the ship and say, “It is I; do not be afraid.” While the first time His disciples were glad to take Him into the boat, I suspect at His Second Coming many will be in fear and trembling. Regardless, “immediately the boat was at the land to which they were going.” And to what land are we going? Heaven or Hell?

  9. “Either you didn’t read the letter, or that statement is uncharitable.”
    I did read it and my statement was not uncharitable for it was not a statement about the authors of the letter. It was an observation of the emotional reactions of commenters I have seen in many Catholic blogs where the Pope is called every name under the sun and with as many descriptions. I am not a defender of his methods but I am aware of his position in the Church. As far as the letter you mentioned please see that this letter is not even mentioned in this article but only in the links that I provided which highlighted the REACTIONS to the letter and to the accusations of the Pope, one by Philip Lawler and the other by James Akin. I did not say anything about any of the signers of the letter as being emotionally charged. The letter for what is worth was well written and without hysteria. Legally accurate? No one seems to know, legally.

  10. OC, I guess I was confused by the preceding phrase you used regarding when “so-called people of authority sound the alarm”. I thought you were referring to the authors of the letter. i apologize.

  11. The Pope has a very stubborn character. And I don’t mean any disrespect saying this, as I have said it to members of my own family and have had it said to me- and I deserved it. He doesnt want to admit that he is wrong. On any matter. He rarely issues a correction- he does it on trivial matters but not big important issues.

    I think this is a problem with our culture at the moment. We equate error with weakness when in actual fact it speaks volumes about integrity and wanting to seeking what is right and true.

    Pope Francis comes across as a very stubborn person. I think in his case it has a lot to do with his cultural background and age makes it near impossible to fix (sorry it has to be said).

  12. You have spoken what many have thought Ezabelle, but the real question is two-fold: can we do anything about it and if so, what can we do about it? .

  13. OrdinaryCatholic- we can pray that’s about it. We had it good with the last two Popes and we didn’t know it. I think we deserve what we get. This Pope is only doing what he understands. He has allowed himself to be surrounded with the wrong people and going along a dangerous path. To be honest I’m not sure a good strong Pope would have lasted- well Benedict was these things and didn’t.

    The good clergy are outnumbered and pushed to the periphery. It’s a waiting game for the filth to die. The snakes hiding behind this Pope are not worthy to be called Priests and they don’t deserve our respect. I hope it’s a stronger and more fervent Church once this lot are gone, for the sake of our children. Any other Church is a disservice the future generations.

  14. Disappointed with Kresta, I thought he had more spine than he’s showing now. Not at all surprised at Bunson. When it comes to Francis, Bunson can give Pangloss a run for his money. He needs to stick to Church history, preferably pre-Vatican I.

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