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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

U.S.—Democratic candidates have promised relief to Americans who are tired of working because of all the jobs that are available now.

“I’m here to promise you two things: rest and relief,” Joe Biden said at a campaign stop. “Rest from working, and relief from all the job opportunities that are available to you today.”

“It’s overwhelming, the number of jobs out there,” Elizabeth Warren said, echoing Biden’s sentiments at a fundraiser. “It’s too much for a person to take in all at once. I vow to you, as a strong, independent, Native American woman, to reduce your options considerably. That should simplify things for you.”

The candidates may disagree on minor points of policy as to how to provide instant relief for Americans sick and tired of working. Bernie Sanders thinks we should tax the rich a lot more so they’ll stop investing and creating jobs to provide relief. Joe Biden says he’ll just roll things back to 2008. Kamala Harris suggested just arresting people who provide jobs. Beto O’Rourke has proposed a law that everyone be required to get high and listen to Rush every morning instead of go to work.

Go here to read the rest.  Unemployment is now at 3.6%.

The last time that occurred was a half century ago when I was 12.   Wages are rising with workers on the lower end of the economic scale getting most of the benefits.

We Catholics tend to hear an endless amount of tripe about “social justice”.  The best “social justice” you can give anyone at the lower rungs of wealth is a job.  By that standard Trump, yes Trump, has done more for true social justice than all but a handful of his presidential predecessors.


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  1. Trump should start reducing welfare payments, Obama phones, food stamps, etc. as these are insults to working folks. My guess that a good many welfare recipients are working in the “gig economy” delivering packages for Amazon, etc.

    My guess is the USCCB is unhappy about the declining number of “poor and needy” as this is the basis their mission, not to mention, payments from the government.

  2. I can’t wait for Obama to claim responsibility for the great news.
    After all, he will tell you, he built it.

    Funny bit…..btw.

  3. One can go to the MarketWatch website and read any number of articles, opinion pieces, etc. about how the economy is just a house of cards, that the tax cuts are just fueling the deficit, that the climb in the DJIA and other indicies are unreflective of reality, and on and on. Oh, and the numbers of jobs created are less than when Obumbler was president.

    The trillion dollars deficits have to end and the fact that they have not is indicative of the failure of Congress to pass a budget. Congress forced Clinton to sign the capital gains tax cuts in the 1990s – in effect, forced Clinton to do Reaganomics, and slowed the rate of increase in spending to create, on paper, anyway, a surplus.

  4. The USCCB is a tool of the Democrat Party, and I think a willing one. Who more than the USCCB supports the expansion of the welfare state and ignores its failures?

  5. Trump has done more for social justice than all of Pope Chastisement’s blather about it could ever hope to achieve. Where is the USCCB in congratulating President Trump about how he has helped the poor and restored dignity to those formerly out of work? That’s right, they’re all socialists who know nothing except the politics of envy.

  6. Whenever they start with the “social justice” malarkey, grab your wallet.

    Penguin’s Fan, MarketWatch may be right. The typical economic expansion (this was very weak under the Muslim moron Obama) is seven years. This one is in its tenth year.

    Bull markets end when everyone is invested, there is no one left to buy, and the only direction is down. The Fed knows it and was trying to “fill its quiver with arrows” with eight or so short, Fed rate target increases (0.25% to 2.5%) increases, all but one under President Donald J. Trump. Despite fed raising rates, Trump (tax cuts, regulation relief, sentiment) has achieved growth (latest 3.2% vs. ).45 in the EU) )that Obama’s and his idling idiots said would require a “magic wand.”

    US rates remain historically low, the yield curve flattened, and markets (stocks, housing) continue to rise on liquidity and low (negative in real terms) returns in safe investment vehicles. .

    Re: Fed rate increases. Historically, the Fed has fought recessions with five-percentage point drops in short rates. By June 2006, in 24 months before the RE crash of 2006, the Fed raised short rates 17-times to 5.25%. Now, they do not have that “arrow” they can only drop them three percentage points. The EU is even worse at negative rates. European central banks have purchased stocks. If you see that here, . . . Central banks seem to need to kill economies to save them.

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