Heroic Pro-Abort

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Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts points us to a “heroic” pro-abort bully:

Pennsylvania lawmaker Brian Sims demonstrates how to berate an elderly woman while also condemning her for her white skin and failure to conform to liberal absolutes. It’s hard to watch. You feel sorry for her. You also see the horrible lows to which some are willing to sink in the name of the new Democrats (whose party always seems to have an obsession with skin color, black or white).

Bonus if you note the classic Leftist hypocrisy of condemning people for telling other people they are wrong. You also get a bonus if you notice his condemnation of her for exercising her constitutional right to protest.

Again, it’s difficult to watch. You can’t help but get angry at a large, strong adult male berating and browbeating an old lone woman like that, insulting her, condemning her, threatening her. This is the face of too many representing the modern Left, with little to no push back from our press, pop culture or even political leaders. God help the world if the likes of Mr. Sims ever gets within a thousand miles of real power.

Oh, and if you could explain how being against abortion is racist, other than the fact that she dared be born with white skin, I’d appreciate the help. He kept accusing her of racism, and I heard her say nothing of the sort. In fact, I heard her say almost nothing at all.

Go here to comment.  Hey Mr. Sims, I know a group of Iraq War veterans, male and female, who regularly do counseling outside of an abortion clinic.  I am sure they would love to have you exercise your courage against them.  One of them is in a wheel chair, and I am sure she would love to take you on solo.

I trust that male pro-lifers will provide an escort to their pro-life sisters at the abortion clinic that Sims is trying to “protect” so that he may have ample opportunity to demonstrate his bravery against pro-lifers who have XY sex chromosomes.


Two updates from Dave Griffey:

UPDATE: Apparently Matt Walsh – who I know little about – has organized a large protest at the abortion clinic in question.  It’s on Friday at 11:00 AM (I’ll assume this Friday).  Again, don’t know much about Mr. Walsh, but in this case I’ll stand with him.  If I was within a hundred miles I’d try to be there.  As it is, he might also be raising money.  It’s time for the forces of decency and devotion to God and Man to rise up and fight this dark cloud of evil setting itself upon our land.  If we don’t, then our posterity will pay the horrible price.

UPDATE II: Here is a gofundme page dedicated to raising money for life.  It’s a direct result of Mr. Sims’ browbeating of that elderly lady.  It seems a worthy cause and the right way to go.  This is what I’m talking about.  It’s time to stop laying down.

Update III: An update from me.  Abby Johnson is going to be at the protest on Friday.  I have met Abby.  Twerp Sims wouldn’t stand a chance against her:

Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife

Hey, Brian Sims, since you are ignoring me on Twitter, I thought I would post here, too. I’m gonna be outside that same Philly Planned Parenthood clinic on Friday…you know, the one where you bullied a woman for simply praying a rosary. I don’t know if anyone will be there with me, but I will be there around 11am. Let’s see how tough you are when you are confronted by a young, strong, empowered prolife woman. Make sure you bring your little camera and shaky voice when you come. Let me know if you can make it. 😘



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  1. Funny how the racist in the video is the one trying to save black babies. Must be an “all lives matter” dog whistle thing. I dunno. It’s hard to keep up.

  2. The no-good POS is also [How Special!] “openly gay.”

    That is why I do not go to abortion protests. There would be blood.

  3. His parents are two retired light colonels in the Army and he is an apostate Catholic who stopped going to Mass at 16. Almost invariably the worst anti-Christian bigots are apostate Catholics

  4. She reacted the same way Christ did when arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin and Pilate. Silent and in prayer.

  5. I’ve had to cut every post I’ve made on this thread, except this one, because it’s jumping into the mud with him.
    I will tell you this. She will be welcomed into heaven while he gnash’s his teeth.
    Then we will see the shame of it all.
    Shame on him.

  6. “he is an apostate Catholic who stopped going to Mass at 16.” Don, are you sure about that? Sounds like he would fit right in at one of the local V-2 Philadelphia gay-friendly parishes. I somewhat agree with you, though I will add that the most anti-Christian bigots are not only apostate Catholics, but Liberal practicing Catholics, as well.

  7. When even Newsweek reports he “has been condemned for his conduct,” then it shall come to pass, as it is written, “He makes a pit, digging it out, and falls into the hole which he has made.” (PS 7:15).
    Another black eye for Planned Parenthood — this one from friendly fire. Keep ’em coming!

  8. What, if anything, do Representative Sim’s colleagues in
    the Pennsylvania Legislature have to say about his actions
    here? Is he going to be censured by the House, or are
    his peers willing to turn a blind eye to this behavior?

    I’m going to bet that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
    will opt to do nothing, normalize this sort of behavior, and thus
    give future pro-abortion bullies their tacit consent to go and do
    likewise. We’ll see more of this in the future.

  9. Nothing will come of it. Maybe make a bit of noise for show but in the end? Nada will happen. Now…if it were a prolifer doing something like this….

  10. What is this strange alliance between the militant pro abortion and militiant LGQ,etc. folk? Can anyone explain?

  11. Clinton, so far the response has been overwhelmingly negative. Left and right, even some MSM outlets has condemned it as the cowardly bullying that it was.

    With that said, I remember some years ago when a few lawmakers suggested banishing Chik-fil-A over the owner’s opinions on gay marriage. The response was overwhelmingly negative as well, including from the LGBTQ community. Now look at things. The question isn’t how people are reacting now, but how will they react to the same thing ten years from now.

  12. RM This alliance between pro-aborts and LGBTQ is that they are joined at the hip because they are anti-usa, anti-Trump, anti-Catholic Church/Christians in general, and anything conservative. It’s not that complicated. To reduce it even more, their whole identity is solely based on sex, perverse sex and death. When one identifies oneself by gonads and or gonadenal feelings the end results is not good. I believe they have such a hatred for themselves that anything outside of themselves that shines a light on life has to be hidden and hated also. It’s very sad.

  13. Rob,

    For both groups the only value to sex is physical pleasure. They are both divorced from nature.

  14. Well, if sex is just about pleasure for itself, then I guess it doesn’t matter, how, with whom, or with what you achieve it, does it. Is there a way to send a message without being posted in comments? anyway, check out decline of “Call to Action” in Nat. Cath. Reporter. Getting older, grayer, and no young folk to take their place.

  15. I am with T Shaw on this. I don’t go to prayer vigils at abortuaries because the first time one of these radical nut cases accosted one of the prayer warriors or myself, there’d be hell to pay. I won’t stand for this. Phinehas in Numbers chapter 25 and Mattathias in 1st Maccabees chapter 2 come to mind.

    I used to go to abortuary prayer vigils. Then one of the gangster guards pointed his revolver at me. I knew that if I went the next time, then I’d be bringing my firearm (2nd Amendment). So I left the task to people of greater discretion and prudence than me. The pro-life movement doesn’t need an angry person of little self-control.

  16. His office should be called, and complaints made about him to whoever will listen. I’m a middle-aged grandmother, and I wanted to jump through the screen to kick his butt. Ironic how much venom and malice lies in the heart of people who live for sodomy. Hardly a selling point.

  17. Evangeline, there is NO selling point on the left when it deals with perverse sex and death.

  18. Rob M., OC, Ken at. al., I can sum up what’s going on here, the “intersectionality” of it all, in two words:

    non Serbian!

  19. Bleeping Bleep BLEEP autocorrect! Bleep you Google!

    Serviam is capitalized because nouns are capitalized in Latin.

    Pedantic point to try to save a tiny bit of my dignity.

  20. Ernst, in Christian charity, I refrained from asking, “Do you mean, ‘Croatian’? ‘Montenegran’?”

  21. Now…if it were a prolifer doing something like this…

    exactly what they are hoping for – some like-kind reaction on the part of the pro-lifer so they can show edited footage ala Covington. Of course, with the internet and ever-present phone cameras, the deception would not last for long, and might even backfire. Hmm . . . .

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