Brian Sims: The Face of the Party of Death


Tucker Carlson reminds us that Brian Sims, a Pennsylvania State Representative, is not just a cowardly bully who enjoys insulting women who disagree with him that abortion is a sacred rite, and who damns them for sharing his skin color, he is also considered to be a rising star in his party.  That is the current state of the party of the Jackass in which everything takes a back seat to abortion uber alles.  I have often called the Democrat party the party of death.  That is not pejorative, but rather descriptive.  Here is Carlson’s interview with the woman who was harassed, along with her teenage kids, by Sims.


People who purport to be decent people should stop voting for the Democrat party which is now simply a haven for the morally insane, who seek, by force if necessary, to silence all voices raised against their insanity.

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  1. All I can say is that Sims is from the opposite side of Pennsylvania from me. Hope he stays there.

  2. That someone like this is elected from a Philadelphia area district says a lot about Pennsylvania politics. I think it was James Carville who described Pennsylvania as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between. Well, God save us from Philadelphia.

  3. Is that the same Phila. district where the little Muslim nits [make lice] kids sing about cutting off heads for Allah?

    The evil and stupid – it hurts.

    From Treacher: “God doesn’t pick sides, and also God is on Buttigieg’s [Sims’] side. You shouldn’t use religion as a weapon, and also religion is Buttigieg’s [Sims’] weapon. God loves everyone, except Republicans [anti-abortion people].

    “Pete is famous for learning new languages, but maybe he should concentrate on mastering English.”

    File under “Why I Don’t Attend Anti-Abortion Prayer Services.” Witnesses.

    I have faith. There are enough bullets.

  4. Brian Sims: The Face of the Party of Death

    Seems to be a lot of faces of the Party of Death lately, fully exposed, and proud of themselves from Gov. Cuomo of NY to Gov. Northam of VA to this pompous ass of a Rep. Sims.

  5. He’s a lawyer. He represents a district in Philadelphia wherein blacks and hispanics are about 15% of the total. IOW, a district shot through with bourgeois singles and Dinks. He’s a homosexual, makes a public point of his homosexuality, and has been one of the public interest bar’s vicious nuisances in regard to that issue. His parents are career Army, btw, and he has a twin brother who has a wife and child. Bet there’s some family psychodrama there.

  6. It’s sad that some homosexuals have such a need to convince themselves and others that they are relevant in life and need to portray themselves in such a manner where they feel the need to hate everyone who they perceive as even showing an iota of disapproval of their lifestyle.
    He waffled between approval and his hate trying to appear fair. In paraphrasing his bullying: “Do you think you have the right to shame the women that come here? Huh? You feel good about yourself?? Of course…you have the right to be here and believe what you want also but I DO TOO! Who are those young girls? You gonna tell us who they are? Their names? Well, of course…they have the right and freedom to be here too, I know, I understand that but I ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT AS DO ALL THE WOMEN THAT COME TO PP!!!!! Don’t pray so loud!!! Are you trying to shame them with prayer!!!

  7. he has a twin brother who has a wife and child.

    Ahh, that explains it – Brian is the proverbial evil twin!

  8. Carville made that comment. In a sense, it’s a backhanded compliment to anyone outside the City of Pittsburgh and Southeastern PA – but it is not true.
    Demographics are not set in stone. Centre County is dominated by Penn State. Scranton is Sleepy Casey’s power base. The I-83 corridor South of York is full of people who have escaped Maryland taxes and politics. Northeastern PA, well part of it, has NYC commuters.
    Trump took all the counties surrounding Allegheny, putting Alabama within 13 miles of the Point.
    Until 1992, the Philly burbs voted opposite of the city. In 1992 and after, they voted together. Trump took one or two of those counties.

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