He God

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Always call God by His preferred pronoun.  A nice video, but Dennis Prager is a Jew and of course for Christians there is another dimension.  Jesus, the Second Person in the Trinity, is male.  Jesus called the First Person of the Trinity, God the Father.  This is all quite clear, and only in our insane times is the contention that God is a He at all controversial.  Christianity is a religion of revelation, and part of that revelation is how God wishes us to refer to Him.  That some contemporary feminists take ire at this should be as of no consequence to believing Christians .

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  1. Feminists never really wanted equality with men. It was and still is the desire for superiority over them. Self-emasculated men have helped them in this cause.

  2. God is our Father. Not our Mother. We do the sign of the cross by exalting the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our Lady’s acceptance to be the Mother of God by saying “Yes!” to the Holy Spirit would not make sense otherwise. It’s a two way channel – in the Gospel, Joseph looked after Mary and Mary listened to Joseph.

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