Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Brynoth

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(No image of the Saint could be found online.)


ST. SIGFRID, apostle of Sweden, consecrated St. Unno, an Englishman, first bishop of Scara, in the province of West-Gothland, in Sweden. Brynoth, son of Algoth Fulcong, was from him the twenty-second bishop of this church, which he governed thirty-eight years with admirable zeal and sanctity, and dying on the 6th of February in 1317, was honoured in Sweden amongst the saints. See the catalogue of the bishops of Scara, in Swedish verses, divided into stanzas, written under their pictures in the palace of stone, built by Brynoth III. bishop of that see in the decline of the fifteenth century, preserved by Benzelius, junior, in Monum. Ecclesiæ Suevogothicæ, p. 78, et not. p. 231; see also on this saint, Messenius, in Chronologia Scondiæ, ad annos 1278, 1287, 1289, 1317, and Analectorum, t. 2, p. 131, 139, 141; and his Historia Sanctorum et Præsulum Scondiæ, aucta a Joan. Perinksgioldo, in Messenius’s Scondia Illustrata. Stockholmiæ, 1700, in ten tom. fol. See also John Vastovius, published by Benzelius, p. 78.

Butler’s Lives of the Saints

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