A Worrying Precedent

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Everybody, adult or child, who lives in four ZIP code areas must get an MMR shot or prove immunity, or face the prospect of a $1,000 fine ($2,000 if you don’t appear as ordered). Your religious exemption is overridden. The threat of 6 months in prison and the prospect of forcible vaccination were removed before a hearing on a lawsuit brought by five mothers. The judge dismissed the case.

From Caffeinated Thoughts, go read the whole thing.

MMR vaccine, in the US at least, is dependent on the body of a boy who was killed and harvested; he would’ve been in his 50s, now, if I remember correctly.

Because of the seriousness of the disease, even most of those who find this horrifying still use the vaccine, which is licit although we are still supposed to make efforts to get moral options. (I can dig up the teaching on that if someone wants, but there are several decent authorities.)

That said, we’re talking about a disease that can’t even reach the bathtub threshold, in a city where quarantining the Ebola nurse got smacked down.

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  1. I’m confused about the whole thing. The news has said that the measles was eradicated in 2000. Now it’s made a comeback. And yet according to our local news, the last measles case in our state before the current outbreak was 2014 (according to them, we haven’t had one yet in this new outbreak). How is measles eradicated if it’s still around? I’m asking. I’m not against vaccines. Even though two family members developed debilitating and life threatening conditions at the same time they got vaccines, doctors assure us it’s cosmic coincidence, so we will still get the vaccines. But I am curious about what they mean when they say it was eradicated until now.

  2. Dave, every recent outbreak of measles in the US has been traced to people bringing the illness into the country from outside the US. A more reasonable step, if needed, would be to not let those without proof of immunity into the country & not grant visas/approval to travel to anyone who cannot show immunity who wants to travel to a location, like the Phillipines, where the virus is active. New York & New York City are hot beds of illegal immigration. There is no telling what diseases are floating around up there. Also, what is rarely stated is that in some of the Orthodox Jewish Communities, where cases of measles are occurring, as many as half of the cases of measles are among those who are considered fully vaccinated. I have seen stats that show there has not been a single pediatric death from measles in the US in at least 15 years. Deaths related to measles are related to poor nutrition, such as insufficient vitamin A, & lack of medical care–both of which you find in 3rd World countries.


  3. A lot of the nasty effects of measles appear to be related to bad nutrition when you are ill, too.

    Don’t even have to ban travel, just have to enforce quarantine.

  4. “Don’t even have to ban travel, just have to enforce quarantine.”

    What type of quarantine are you referencing, Foxfier?

  5. Actual quarantine, not the “I am going to ride the train and hit the mall while I’m quarantined for Ebola” quarantine.

    If I remember the rule of thumb correctly, it’s the incubation of the feared disease plus a week or several days, depending on the incubation period. Sometimes just “two incubation periods.”

  6. Family member, who is an ICU RN, has a 6 infant month and a 3 year old. I am told the first MMR is given at 1 year. She is really concerned for her kids, esp. the baby because a pocket of no vacciners lives 30 miles away from her in a NW state.
    I remember my brother having the red measles at 3. He was in a darkened bedroom the whole time he was sick. My mom had him wear sunglasses while she read stories to him using a flashlight. Now it seems like a funny scene. My mother said she had to wear glasses after she had the disease in early grade school.
    Mom contracted chicken pox in her mid 50s and I remember her being quite sick.
    I’ve had the German measles but never the red.
    Yes there are some nasty diseases in cities with over crowding including Hanson’s (leprosy) and TB.

  7. Adult onset chickenpox is extremely serious– if the kids make it to their teens without catching it, the plan is to vaccinate them then. Hopefully there will be a non-fetal-stemcell option by then, same way they just released an egg-grown shingles vaccine.

    German Measles cause birth defects if the pregnant woman catches it.

    Seeing as how giving doses of vitamin A is a primary treatment– and lack of A causes blindness, thus “golden rice” and such– that was a brilliant means to avoid stressing your brother’s eyes.

  8. CAM,
    From what I have read, the natural immunity received from the mom protects most children from the measles for the 1st year of life. If the 3 year old received the MMR at 1 year, why is there fear re: that child? Also, literally everyone I know from my growing up years developed the chicken pox, measles, & mumps before the age of 6. None of us died; none of us had lasting impacts as it was a simply a temporary set back. Of course, let me say that we had decent nutrition & good care. I don’t know of anyone who even had to go to the hospital for care out of my huge extended family/friends. I am glad I had those illnesses as a child as I have basically permanent immunity to them now as an adult. Please be advised that people who have had recent measles vaccinations can “shed” the virus & be infectious. Also about 5% of those who receive the vaccine do not develop any immunity to the disease. And those who were vaccinated years ago, without having had the illness itself, can have waning immunity to the disease.

  9. “Yes there are some nasty diseases in cities with over crowding including Hanson’s (leprosy) and TB.”

    !!!!! OMG

    I have read the odd article over the last few years that referenced leprosy & an incurable form of TB that has been brought into our country by legal & illegal immigrants, but have seen no specific data or citations re: either.

  10. Christian Teacher, Niece was concerned about 6 month old.
    I received the Hanson’s info from a member of the society (association) which is primarily concerned with overseas cases but let it slip about NYC and other large inner cities.
    As far as I know all US leprosariums have been closed. My late mother-in-law, an opera singer, used to give concerts at Carville, LA in the ’50s and 60s; by that time because of antibiotics the residents were not contagious. When stationed in FL, in the ’80s children were tested twice a year for active TB. Next move was to the P.I. and the kids on base were tested twice a year there. Navy priest showed me photos of his flock on Mindoro Is. when he was a missionary and many of the natives had Hanson’s. Army nephew was treated for TB after Afghanistan tour.
    Most of us in the US don’t think about leprosy, Hansons, malaria, Mad Cow, etc, but show up to donate blood and one lists all foreign travel going back to the 1980s. Then there is the CDC bulletins about prohibited bush meat smuggled in for family celebrations and the diseases associated with ingesting it.

  11. All three of my siblings including me had chicken pox when we were around 7. My brother had measles in his early teens. My husband had chicken pox at 27, our first year of marriage, and it wasn’t easy. I dont know why we vaccinate against chicken pox. I’d rather the vaccination schedule didn’t include it. But there has been a spike in measles outbreaks in Australia, mainly from someone who has recently travelled to SE Asia. I have vaccinated all my 4, but I delay the vaccinations and make sure not to give panadol beforehand and bless them with Holy oil beforehand. We don’t do the flu shot. Ever. My dad did it one year and developed severe pneumonia. Never again. Vaccinations and improved civic health and hygiene is a Godsend to mankind.

  12. I have read the odd article over the last few years that referenced leprosy & an incurable form of TB that has been brought into our country by legal & illegal immigrants, but have seen no specific data or citations re: either.

    It’s highly resistant TB; the theory is that all those folks who took a course of treatment, and then stopped halfway through when they started feeling better. We had a couple of Marines who did that. (Well, one of them definitely did, for like the fourth time– the other one the doctor just said he “must have,” and that doctor was an idiot, so who knows.)
    While the measles vaccine is a live one, so folks will shed (just like the smallpox vaccine, but a bit less nasty) at least in theory you can’t catch the altered live version. Usually. Use to be a major issue, and in some parts of the world the main cause of outbreaks is a screwup with the vaccinations…..

    maybe your dad has the same quirk that I do, where the “vaccine reaction” for the flu shot is a really bad case of the flu. (Just not contagious.)
    This seems to be the same thing that causes a lot of vaccine-related injuries, which makes sense since the whole point is to hack your immune system and make it believe you were sick.

  13. Foxfier- I think you’re right. Quite scary when you think about it being pushed to be administered every year.

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