The Mark Shea Chronicles

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Pauli at his blog Est Quod Est, gives us the latest installment of his The Mark Shea Chronicles:


It has been a while since I posted, so I thought “hey, why not see what good ol’ Mark Shea is up to?” I could post on his latest apology in which he eventually does at the end via a Latin sentence fragment (“So: mea maxima culpa.”). But I have to confess my own culpa that I stopped reading after his call to crush right wing Christians “without mercy”.

But really, this post on Facebook from yesterday is too good not to point out:

“As predicted, this one jackass is succeeding only in sparking a Panic du Jour from a subculture that loves lone jackasses like him because it gives them the chance to feel as though the Reign of Antichrist has dawned and they are martyrs. Sims needs to shut up or apply to Donald Trump as the Chair of Dems to Re-elect Trump in 2020.”

First off, Shea calls the Pro-life movement represented by people like Abby Johnson, Lila Rose and Matt Walsh a “subculture”. And one that is happy when a “lone jackass” (e.g., Dem. Rep. Brian Sims, whom Shea admits is awful) does something asinine so they have “the chance to feel as though…they are martyrs.”

But when you look at the remarks these people made, they are saying nothing of the sort. There is no language of martyrdom, apocalypse or anti-Christs. On the contrary, the tweets are pretty mundane: “let’s organize a pro-life rally”, “we will peacefully protest violence and bullying” and “my ticket is booked; see you there” are some of the responses from the pro-life leaders.

This Facebook post is an example of Mark Shea’s standard strawdogging of the Pro-life movement against which he seems to be a Martin Luther nailing up his grievances again and again. This time he may be a bit off, though, when he refers to Sims as a “lone jackass”. Just today we have another story about a feminist at UNC flipping out and attacking an abortion protester, punching him and shouting “This is not OK!”

That Daily Wire article provides a link to another article about an woman having her leg broken last month. That link, in turn, contains the video of Jordan Hunt, male, kicking a woman protesting abortion in Canada.

Oh, and here is another which I blogged last year by a university employee. This stuff happens all the time, and the attacks seem to be increasing. Certainly we have more reports of them than ever before. I’ve mentioned five here with very little effort.

Go here to read the rest.  Always remember that for Leftists you are always the enemy.  If they criticize one of their own it is usually, outside of their endless intramural power struggles, because they fear the actions or words of the fellow Leftist are helping the non-Leftist enemy.  If this sounds to you like the way a paranoid cult would behave, congratulations!  You are well on your way to understanding the contemporary Left!

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  1. “Stopped Clock Right Twice Each 24 Hours” File: Mark-who? nails it with comment on Sims’ viciousness against little girls and old women being an in-kind contribution to the MakeThemCryAgain2020 Campaign.

    However, he writes it as if it’s a bad thing.

    I will not peacefully co-exist with hateful, vicious people that attack13 year-old girls and old women praying on sidewalks; President Trump; Bret Kavanaugh; the Covington Children; . . .

  2. Their anger is turning to violence. More and more people are recognizing the dignity of the unborn person. Their sacred act of abortion is under assault in their minds.

    Mark Shea reminds me of a Steve Chapman article I read yesterday wherein he admits a human is within the mother and that he wishes abortion didn’t occur, but he still is “pro-choice”. So it boils down to cowardice. Mark Shea has joined the Leftist tribe, knows abortion is evil and is too chicken to call out his brethren.

  3. Talk like T. Shaw’s got me placed in FB jail for a period of time.

    “I will not peacefully co-exist with hateful, vicious people that attack 13 year-old girls and old women praying on sidewalks; President Trump; Bret Kavanaugh; the Covington Children.”

    If I see a nut job like Brian Simms harrass an elderly lady praying her Rosary outside an abortuary, then I’ll smash my walking cane across the side of his head as hard as I possibly can. My wife bought me a new one and it’s heavy, being made all of steel. This is why I don’t go to prayer vigils at abortuaries any longer – first, I’d be a liability and second, someone would have to kill me. Sad, I know, but there’s a reason God has limited my physical ability at 61 years of age.

  4. In fairness to Mark, at least he mentioned it. As lame and backhanded at pro-lifers as it was, he did label Sims a jackass for what he did. As far as I know, Mark is the only Catholic who aligns with the Left or declares himself ‘New Prolife’ who has bothered to mention this. I’ve seen very little, and almost nothing from Christian leadership as a whole (which, of course, could also be because virtually no major news outlet ran with the story).

  5. Is it just me or is there something about Shea, Jordon, and Ward that pegs them as Liberals in appearance alone? It’s almost as if liberals have this ‘look’ about them that sets them apart even before they open their mouths or they do something. I asked a few people that I know here in NH and they agreed. They can spot them a mile away. I don’t know if that’s good…or bad.

  6. The idea that people of the left “look” a certain way is silly and a distraction from the real problem: I love Mark, but his anger with Trump and “conservative Christians” has blinded him to the anti-Christian rage on the left. It’s more than harassment or assaulting of pro-life protesters, bad as that is. But now you have brazen efforts to screen out Catholic lawyers from judgeships by United States Senators because they have expressed pro-life views–because they believe what the Church teaches. Sims might be a small fry, but he uses exactly the same language the bigger fish use.

    But I agree that at least he saw that Sims’ behavior was horrid. More than you can say for the rest of the “New Pro-Life Movement,” which was unsurprisingly silent. Just like they were when Cuomo lit up the Al Smith Building in celebration of slaughter, or when Governor Blackface-or-Klan-Hood defended infanticide.

  7. Dale,
    Mark’s problem isn’t just his anger. It’s that he engages in sin through lies and calumny to mischaracterize and hurt the reputation of those who resist the Left. Likewise, he does this in order to defend the Left at all cost, even those developments involving infanticide and your example of barring judges because of their Christian belief. Regarding infanticide, he merely shrugged and said it was too complicated to have an opinion about, turning his wrath back at conservatives and pro-lifers. Regarding the judges, it was just as he did with Sims: he did not condemn it as horrid, but merely chastised it because it makes Trump look good or feeds into conservatism’s complaints. Those are approaches he himself once condemned as evil. Friends of his who love him and who have access to him ought to be staging some major intervention at this time.

  8. LQC- it felt good reading your comment. Am having a few struggles at the moment and would happily join you in venting my frustrations on a low-life like Brian Sims. Except I’ll bring my baby bag (it’s rather large and full of stuff).

    A little randomness, there is an old lady who walks past our house every morning praying the Rosary, and the kids always get really happy when they spot her out of the window getting ready for school. How can anyone attack an old lady praying the Rosary. It’s the best sight in the world.

  9. “How can anyone attack an old lady praying the Rosary. It’s the best sight in the world.”

    Except to the Devil and his minions.

  10. I will admit that Mark is right when he says that asshats like Sims only help Trump and conservatives overall. For which I will say, “Thank you, Rep. Sims!”

  11. And he has the nerve to be doing his tin cup rattle again. Maybe if he didn’t spend 23 hours a day online spewing nonsensical rants, he’d make more money. I do wonder if his speaking career has been hurt by the content of his public Facebook page, which is just batsh** crazy. (BTW – he blocked me on his Patheos blog after I gave him some what I thought was decent advice in a polite way. Basically: hey, stop calling people names, creating strawmen and arguing ad hominem. BLOCKED!)

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