Thousands Rally For Life In Philly In Protest of Brian Sims Bullying Tactics

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  1. Awesome.
    The President said the other day “there won’t be a democratic-party-media in four years.”
    And that means no abortion advocates.

  2. Brian Sims interview with Christine Flower in 2013:
    “The idea of not even changing a mind, but being able to work with a mind that is unchanging or work with a mind that is opposed to yours, you need to understand it. It sounds very elementary, and it’s something that we talk a lot about around here, the idea that nothing should be revolutionary about the idea that you have to understand the people that you work with.”
    He seemed to have changed his tactics since. Someone needs to remind him that the people he is harassing are the taxpayers who pay his wage. Stand him down.

  3. 100% pro gun
    100% pro life
    100% pro wall
    100% pro Trump
    100% pro America
    Trying to be a Catholic.

  4. They just keep helping Trump secure another four years dem’ dar democrats.
    Keep it up Sims..yar on a roll!
    Gay pride stinks bad…maybe it’s his aftershave; Tol-la-rancid.

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