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News that I missed courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


HOLLYWOOD, CA—In bold move intended to powerfully virtue-signal about abortion rights, Charmed actress Alyssa Milano has called for a strike on starring in any movies or TV shows.

“Our reproductive rights are being erased,” she tweeted. “Until women have legal control over their own bodies we just cannot risk starring in any film or television projects you might have heard of.”

“Until women in this nation have the right to choose, how can I possibly choose to star in any film you know about?” she declared at a rally. “I have the right to choose my film projects, and I’m going to exercise it to demonstrate how important choice really is.”

Go here to read the rest.  Actually Milano has called for a sex strike in support of abortion.

I am all in favor of Ms. Milano and other pro-aborts removing themselves from the gene pool, but somehow I suspect that the sex strike will be as successful as Ms. Milano is at managing her finances.

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  1. Religious rebellions are not mentioned in historical dramas about the Tudor dynasty. It is heartening to know that enforced Protestantism was not popular with the English common man and the gentry. As noted in the post there were many rebellions in the north counties and the south west as well. The English wanted to stay Catholic and the dissolution of the monasteries effected the general population. As well as spiritual nourishment monks and priests provided learning, food, medicine and hospitals.

  2. Haha oh dear . Alyssa Milano. B-grade actress at her best. Only good show she made was “Whose the Boss” because she was a cute kid. Happy for her to take a break from her “acting”. Forever.

  3. Well put, Ezabelle, I don’t get why Milano gets so much press. Same with Ashley Judd. Both a bit nutty. No substance. Yawn.

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