Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed John of Rochester

11 May 1537 – Blessed John Rochester, choir monk, and Blessed James Walworth, choir monk, both from the London Charterhouse, were hanged in chains from the battlements of York. They had been tried in the city for treason for denying the King’s supremacy following the Pilgrimage of Grace rebellion.

The Tudor Society

The Carthusian monks of London were quite popular among the people due to their piety, and they were often consulted by high and low on spiritual matters.  Henry VIII had 18 of them executed or starved to death in prison, a fragment of the 430 martyrs for the Faith under Bloody Henry.

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  1. One of the worst English monarchs ever. He should be called Bloody Henry and not his daughter Mary.
    I wonder why Queen Katherine isn’t at least a Blessed since she suffered so for her stance on the sacrament of matrimony. Henry made sure her living conditions were deplorable when he set her aside. She was a prisoner. Her grave is in a church in Peterborough and she is listed as queen. Katherine was extremely well educated as one would expect being the daughter of Their Most Catholic Majesties, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. Princess Katherine was the Ambassador from Spain to England before marrying Henry. She also was Regent as queen and rul well when Henry was warring in France. She actually was on the battlefield with English troops while pregnant. Maternity chain mail and armor?

  2. Religious rebellions are not mentioned in historical dramas about the Tudor dynasty. It is heartening to know that enforced Protestantism was not popular with the English common man and the gentry. As noted in the post there were many rebellions in the north counties and the south west as well. The English wanted to stay Catholic and the dissolution of the monasteries effected the general population. As well as spiritual nourishment monks and priests provided learning, food, medicine and hospitals.

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