News to Alyssa Milano

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Faith, Religion and Identity

If each nation—as defined by language, religion, common (legendary?) heritage, and location—was separate but equal, then all nations deserved to have their

Quotes Suitable for Framing: Sophocles

Evil sometimes seems good To a man whose mind A god leads to destruction. Sophocles, Antigone-A good summary of the modern world.

July 22, 1969: Heading Home

On July 22, 1969 the engines of the Columbia were fired to begin the trip back to Earth, the Columbia leaving lunar


  1. Heard actor Dean Cain on Fox today. None of the movie companies or actor boycotting Georgia makes movies there. They just want to tell Georgia law makers how to vote but they will not succeed.

  2. “Happy Mother’s Day! What an amazing gift it is to have these two wonders and prepare them for life and love.

    A very wise friend told me yesterday we have a singular purpose on our short time on this planet, “to love and to be loved.”..” Alyssa Milano on Twitter

  3. Crazy talk indeed.
    The next thing they’ll be prescribing is that gender identity can be known by the reproductive organs one is born with.
    I know right!???

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