Tim Conway: Requiescat In Pace

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  1. My wife’s comment when I told her about Conway’s death. The first skit that comes to mind is the one about the dentist…that is the classic, the greatest. And as an old guy, from time to time, I mimic his old man’s shuffle.

  2. Haha! Tito! My mom was French Canadienne who could hardly understand English but Carol Burnett and cast had a way of making her laugh also. I missed those days Tito.

  3. The dentist and elephant story sketch come to mind. I envy the man’s ability to keep a straight face.

    Hopefully St. Peter gets some much needed laughs now while working beside the gates of Heaven.

  4. It was obvious Tim and Harvey Korman enjoyed working together as much as their audience enjoyed watching their skits.
    Timeless humor.

  5. What a mind and talent. Improv master.
    I grew up with that Carol Brunette team.
    Good clean fun.
    God be with him.

  6. I never found him peculiarly amusing. What’s impressive about The Carol Burnett Show in retrospect is that they composed and performed about 20 hours worth of fresh material (sketch comedy and song) every year and made it at least somewhat entertaining.

  7. His dentist skits were very funny.

    Conway grew up in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, about 15 minutes north of where I grew up.

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