Conquer Evil With Good


It’s not the child that needs killing.

Rob Roy MacGregor’s response when his wife tells him that she is pregnant with the child of a rapist and she cannot bring herself to abort the child. Rob Roy (1995)




A powerful response by Ryan Bomberger to the complaint that the Alabama law has no rape or incest exception:

And then there’s the horrific tragedy of rape, which the Left is relentlessly exploiting. Never mind they ignore it when Planned Parenthood fails to report the rape of underage victims. Those rape situations don’t bother them. No. Only when they realize how potent it is to use the 1% to justify 100% of abortions. 

I am that 1 percent

My biological mother was raped, yet she rejected the violence of abortion. I was adopted and loved instead. I’m not the “residue of the rapist”, as Senator Vivian Davis Figures described those like me who were conceived in rape. I’m a human being with equal worth to anyone planned. I couldn’t control the circumstances of my conception. Could you, senator? 

Go here to read the rest.  It is beyond ironic that no state still has the death penalty for rape,  the traditional penalty which I heartily support, yet so many wish to impose the death penalty on the second innocent victim of the rape.  I doubt if any of us would be here if one or more of our heroic maternal ancestors had not chosen to love a child brought into this world in such terrible circumstances.  In this Vale of Tears our lives are the canvas on which the battle of good and evil is played out around us and within us.  Saint Paul reminds us of how we win this struggle:


Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.

Romans 12: 21




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  1. I’d say a first step, since everyone wants to keep the argument in the relatively small portion of abortions that happen around the life of the mother or psychological trauma, would be to make abortion a medical procedure like anything else – based only on medical necessity. Have the doctor sign off like he or she would on anything: that it had to happen because of a valid medical necessity. That would eliminate 90% of the abortions right there. But until we roll back the main causes of abortion: feminism, the sexual revolution and the divorce culture, the demand for abortion will remain, legal or otherwise. And right now, I’m not hearing many conservatives or pro-life advocates go there.

  2. Sister Sofia Social Justice Warrior doesn’t help the widespread confusion and doubt on abortion by parading around with a pro-abort sign.

    You all are much more knowledgeable about Church Teaching.

    My feeble mind tends to keep things simple: I’m stupid. Ergo, I think that 2,000 years of Church teaching can be condensed into three words, “Abortion Is Murder.”

    Why are they so intent to kill an innocent someone connected with a rape???

    I got an idea. First thing we do let’s kill all the rapists. That’s’ what Hollywood Rob Roy did. .

  3. Is it just my imagination or is the “Overton Window” with regard to abortion starting to shift hard right? Seems to me that just 5 years ago, heck, just 1 year ago, laws like those being passed in Alabama, Missouri, Georgia, etc. where unimaginable and had no chance of seeing the light of day, even in “red” states? Granted most of these laws may never be fully enforced due to judicial intervention, but I’m still amazed that any of these bills made it through the legislative gauntlet. There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear..

  4. @ E. K.

    I wondered if this legislation was a response to the infanticide legislation being so favored by the party of death.
    Timing is everything and folks must make clear cut decisions as to whom they belong to. No riding the fence when teams are called back to their coaches.

    Abby Johnson made her decision.
    Mayor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has made his.

    One day the game comes to an end.
    One Great and horrible day.

  5. Melissa Ohden, a saline abortion survivor, and Ryan Bomberger, conceived as a result of rape, were powerful speakers at the 1st ever Virginia March for Life. Women and men were tearing up listening to their stories. A majority of the USA populace does not want Abortion; they want Life.. For the pro-choice, pro-aborts in Congress, in entertainment, the media it’s all about money. Blood money from Planned Parenthood and from the billion $ abortion mill business. With the deranged like femi-nazis it’s anger, self loathing and mental illness. But Missouri, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Indiana, etc. their legislatures heard the will of the people and are passing laws to limit abortion. In a small measure we can thank Gov. Northam of VA and the lawmakers of NY for their outrageous comments and murderous legislation that activated decent human beings to loudly voice, “We want life!”.
    Lastly there is the Almighty who has heard our prayers.

  6. LQC.

    I agree completely with you.
    This killing, this infanticide, will not go unpunished by the Laws of Nature.
    Proving it won’t be difficult.
    It’s just a matter of timing.
    We will witness the effects of Mr. Mayor’s blatant disrespect of the sacredness of human life. The blood has been crying out for justice for over one generation now. The overspill of innocent blood is not being ignored. Justice is being postponed so a few more repentant souls will be spared. Time is short.

  7. I hope it’s shifting, because having an elected official basically admit that he or someone he knows professionally killed kids by exposure because they were disabled and the parents didn’t want to deal with it is freaking horrifying.

  8. Here’s something else I noticed yesterday — a relatively minor thing in a brief bottom of the hour CBS News Update on the local news/talk station, but it struck me as significant nonetheless.

    The “update” was announcing the result of the Missouri abortion ban vote. The reporter quoted an anonymous woman who was at the capitol as part of a pro-abortion protest; she said that “the decision to end my child’s life was one of the toughest I ever had to make”. Notice that she acknowledged that she ended her CHILD’s life — she didn’t say she “terminated” an unwanted pregnancy or any of the usual euphemisms — AND that her statement made it verbatim onto a national news broadcast….. thereby, perhaps inadvertently, reminding listeners of why the ban was passed in the first place!

  9. If the baby goes away, the fact that a woman was raped doesn’t. Do they not get this? So their solution is to compound the womans horrible circumstances, harming the woman further and tell her to abort the child. The faultless child. So the woman is left to deal with being a)raped and b) having an abortion- two acts of violence.
    These snakes who are exploiting raped women and pretending they are giving women “freedom” and “choices” and “rights” and doing it for their good interest are lying scums.
    They just want to have sex with whoever and whenever and have the freedom to have an abortion if they happen to fall pregnant. Who are they kidding let’s just call it as it is.

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