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From the only accurate site for Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Catholic Answers announced this past Saturday that they will begin promoting their new lineup of chastity speakers, including Alyssa Milano, in an effort to help educate “as broad an audience as possible” about the beauty of chastity.   

“At first we thought that bringing Alyssa Milano on as a chastity speaker was a bold move,” Events Representative Cassidy McDougal told EOTT this morning. “We understood coming in that her call for women to withhold themselves sexually from men was not for the same reason that we were asking them to do so, but in the end, we believed that she was dense enough to never realize that she was asking people to be chaste.”

Milano, who plans to travel the country talking to high school and college students about abstinence said that chastity cards, as well as her new booklet Pure Bodily Autonomy, would be on sale at the events.

“I’m very excited to speak with the women in America,” Milano said in an exclusive EOTT interview. “I want to tell the young women of America that our reproductive rights are being erased. Don’t let so-called friends or celebrities tell you what you should and should not do with your bodies. With that said, sex strike!”

Go here to comment.  PopeWatch has been unable to confirm that Ms. Milano has a meet and greet scheduled with the Pope next month.

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  1. Alyssa Milano is advocating chastity not because it’s chastity but because she thinks she is punishing men if she denies them her body for sexual intercourse. I ask what man in his right mind would want to have sexual congress with her? What man would take that risk in getting some kind of venereal disease or would be willing to put up with such an abusive, self-righteous, and absolutely irritable and irascible attitude? There’s absolutely nothing loving about her that would attract any decent man. And while perhaps there are some men lacking in common sense and prudential restraint, the nagging and whining and posturing and virtue-signalling simply gets way too old very, very quickly. These women – we have one such person highly place in my company who acts as chief propagandist – may on first glance look very attractive (as an old hag does in a darkened room when one is drunk). But the reality is that their Pharisaical sanctimonious attitudes make them very ugly persons indeed.

    PS, my 56 year old wife is 100 times more beautiful and sexy than Alyssa Milano could ever be, and she never uses sex as a weapon to get her own way. Rather, she’s got the Filipino machete of mayhem otherwise known as a sharp tongue to use instead – God help the person who unfairly crosses her! Ha! Ha!.

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