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A pro-life Democrat who is the real deal:

Nearly three decades ago, when Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ wife was 20 weeks pregnant with their first child, a doctor discovered their daughter had spina bifida and encouraged an abortion. The Edwardses refused.

Now, daughter Samantha is married and working as a school counselor, and Edwards finds himself an outlier in polarized abortion politics.

“My position hasn’t changed. In eight years in the Legislature, I was a pro-life legislator,” he said. When he ran for governor, his view was the same. “I’m as consistent as I can be on that point.”


Edwards, who has repeatedly bucked national party leaders on abortion rights, is about to do it again. He’s ready to sign legislation that would ban the procedure as early as six weeks of pregnancy, before many women know they are pregnant, when the bill reaches his desk.

Louisiana’s proposal , awaiting one final vote in the state House, would prohibit abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, similar to laws passed in Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia and Ohio that aim to challenge the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion. Alabama has gone even further, enacting a law that makes performing abortions a felony at any stage of pregnancy with almost no exceptions.

But the abortion bans in those other conservative states — spurred by anti-abortion activists hoping the addition of conservative judges to the Supreme Court could help overturn Roe v. Wade — were backed by Republican governors.


Go here to read the rest.  Your party would be much stronger if more Democrat office holders followed your lead Governor.  Even Republican me has voted for pro-life Democrats on occasion.  May your tribe increase.

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  1. There have been instances in the past where I would have preferred a Democrat over a Republican except for the this particular issue: Abortion. I’m a single issue voter when it comes to abortion, no exceptions and I don’t give a damn what people think of that. I have my vote they have theirs. God bless this man.

  2. Yeah, hard to balance out literal “allowing at-will execution of some humans” when looking at political issues. If the national Dems would get more realistic, I think it would make both parties stronger.

  3. I live in Louisiana and while it;s great he’s pro-life, he’s pro taxes. Anti-business(he wants to sue and tax businesses until the businesses leave the state). I’m not voting for him.

  4. I want to clarify my first post. I will be voting for a pro-life candidate but not bel Edwards

  5. There is no such thing as a “pro-life” democrat. If you vote for a democrat, which he does, he’s not pro life.

  6. Understood that– it’s actually exactly what I was thinking of. There are pro-life folks who are forced into the Republican party, when they’re philosophically Dems, exactly because they simply cannot support the philosophy of life unworthy of life.

    I would be delighted if in truth the Dems became the “pro-life” party– because the question of deliberately killing innocents was completely off the table, and we are arguing mercy vs justice in capital punishment.

  7. Like Gov. Palin and her husband Todd, Gov and Mrs. Edwards have lived their pro-life belief. God bless Edwards and the legislature for standing up for Life.
    For years Louisiana and southern Maryland with their large Catholic populations have been known as a place to adopt.

  8. It is my view that it doesn’t matter if a Democratic politician says that they are pro-life. They have nowhere in the Democratic party where their view makes any difference. I left the Democratic party long ago when it became obvious that pro-life no longer had a home in the Democratic party. I am a registered independent. Both parties have excess baggage that I can’t defend. Nothing since my leaving the Democratic party has made me rethink my position.
    It is also my view that the leadership of the Democratic party is so all in for abortion that they will claim any Democratic victory at the polls as a vote for abortion, with the general willing connivance of the lapdog press.

  9. ” They have nowhere in the Democratic party where their view makes any difference” except in this case he IS a democrat and he IS making a difference big time. I’ll take what ever scraps are thrown to us from the other side of the aisle.

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