Saving Lives

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Whoever destroys a single life is considered by Scripture to have destroyed the whole world, and whoever saves a single life is considered by Scripture to have saved the whole world.

Parma Italy, mid-13th century codex of the Mishnah



News that I missed courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

Take, for example, those who oppose the wholesale killing of puppies. The anti-puppy-killing crowd is loud and obnoxious, self-righteously declaring themselves to be “pro-life.”

Yet their love for the puppies only goes so far.

See, they want to defend puppies from being killed when they’re very young, but do you see them offering to adopt every dog on the entire planet?

I didn’t think so. These pro-puppy activists are only in support of dogs when people are killing them, but once they grow up, they’re all on their own. What are we supposed to do with all these dogs if not heinously kill them? I don’t see you pro-puppy people offering to take on more than one or two of them!

Go  here to read the rest.  The wicked will ever destroy more innocent lives than the righteous can save, which is not an argument for the wicked but rather a condemnation of them.



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  1. “The wicked will ever destroy more innocent lives than the righteous can save, which is not an argument for the wicked but rather a condemnation of them.” – DM

    Well said.
    The law mines sure sharpen the vision.

    Last week I asked Guy McClung for prayers for our Life Links fundraiser.
    We have over 125 golfers signed on board for Thursday. That’s 28 more than our best year. Thanks for the prayers TAC. Now I’ll say one prayer for the Jennifer Cronins of the world. Lord have Mercy.

  2. What’s sad is animals have become more important than people now. They are now considered “part of the family or a child”

  3. And this is why I will never join the mainstream belief that our Earth needs to be saved at what ever the cost to humans, even controlling human births and euthanizing them at the end of their lives. People have now given more value to everything over human life.

  4. When people have been taught in school that humans are just animals evolved from non-sentient apes, then of course animals become more important than humans. Indeed, this is the excuse for such people to act like wild animals, wallowing in sexual filth like mindless baboons, and then murdering the consequences of their willful lust as one would take an unwanted dog into the woods and shoot him dead. This is why Jennifer Cronin said what she did – she wants license and justification to titillate her genitals willy-nilly, and then do away with the consequences of her licentiousness. What’s even worse is that she wants to be praised for such “awakened” behavior. This is the kind of explanation that must be shoved into the faces of people like Ms. Cronin. Her nose must be rubbed in the very refuse she disseminates. And if at all possible, she must be made publicly ashamed of the logical ramifications of living the lifestyle of a wild animal instead of being a responsible human being made in God’s image and likeness. The time for being nice is over. Dialogue and tolerance has not worked with these criminal fools.

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