Pro-Abort Bigotry


Catholics who wish to stay out of the abortion battle are fooling themselves:


As the abortion battle rages on across the United States, a church in Delaware County was targeted by vandals who tagged it with abortion rights graffiti and more Sunday. Heading into church for Sunday mass, parishioners at Notre Dame de Lourdes parish in Swarthmore were met with black spray paint that said, “You do not have the right to decide how others lives.”

Go here to read the rest.  The pro-abort movement is deeply anti-Christian, as one would expect, and will persecute Christians openly where they can,  and with vandalism where they cannot.  Of course, for the forces of evil the Catholic Church is always enemy number one.  Googling vandalism Catholic Church produces sobering results.

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  1. Not news. Thirteen year-old girls attacked while praying outside a death clinic was not news, either.

    Spray paint a death clinic and the media would be 24/7 a month “It’s Worse Than 9/11.”

    When did journalism die?

  2. There are many instances of vandalism of Catholic church’s in France since the burning of Notre Dame. What the media doesn’t report are all the instances of vandalism that occurred in France BEFORE the burning. It’s ignored. It’s not surprising knowing the hatred the world has for the Church. I’m waiting for something like this to happen in my little corner of the world. New Hampshire is not exactly the bastion of Christianity.

  3. It may already be happening, OC– a lot of the vandalism I have heard of, I only know from the clean-ups or when someone quietly mentions that’s why the statue of Mary is now inside of a beautiful brick shrine…with bullet-proof glass.

  4. Honestly Foxfier? I am waiting for the morning that I drive up to my Church and see protesters…maybe not…7:00AM on a Sunday is pretty early to be out protesting when you’ve got a warm bed to snuggle in.

  5. You and me, both.
    One upside, any parish we choose is probably too conservative for the protesters to think it’s a good target, unless they’re notable for harmlessness or are the only option; they usually pick almost-left targets.

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