California Confession Bill

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For any Catholics still stupid enough to think there is no difference between the parties, I bring before them the California Confession Bill making its way through the completely Democrat controlled state legislature:


Catholic officials are urging Catholics to continue to oppose a California bill that would force priests to disclose information about child sexual abuse that they hear in the sacrament of confession, which is advancing in the state legislature.

Current California law requires clergy to report suspected abuse or neglect unless the information about the abuse was obtained during confession.

Senate Bill 360, authored by Bay Area Democrat Sen. Jerry Hill, seeks to eliminate this so-called “exemption” for “penitential communication.”

On May 16, the Senate Appropriations committee voted 4-2 to send an amended version of Senate Bill 360 for a vote of the full Senate.

As amended, the bill now protects the seal of the confessional — except in cases where a priest is hearing another priest’s confession or in cases where a priest is hearing the confession of a co-worker.

In a statement, Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles said the bill remains “an unacceptable violation of our religious freedoms that will do nothing to protect children.”

Go here to read the rest.  The bill is unconstitutional on two grounds:  freedom of religion and equal protection, as it seeks to eliminate the seal of the confessional for only some people.  The bigot behind this monstrosity, Jerry Hill, is a true piece of work.  A complete pro-abort, he also claims to be Doctor Jerry Hill on the basis of the non-accredited diploma mill, La Jolla University.  Go here to read the rest.

Adjunct Professor Hill is a nut, and this is not a  serious piece of legislation but is rather anti-Catholic bigotry in legislative form.  This is what happens when the voters place the party of the Jackass in total control of a state.  Catholics voting for the Democrat Party are like the tiny fragment of Jews who voted for the Nazi party in Germany.

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  1. The Party Of the Jackass is the most descriptive term. The second best is The Organized Crime Party.
    Trump needs to respond to Nadler by hitting the DNC with RICO and destroy them as a party.

  2. All of this talk about betraying the seal of confession, abortion, euthanasia and so on could be so easily avoided by not voting the party of death into a majority. The people in California who are both practicing Catholics and Democrat voters have to seriously take a look at their priorities. If they are uncomfortable with this bill 360 possibly passing into law then all I can say is they have to hold themselves to blame for the predicament they find themselves in. The Democrat party has not hid what they stand for and what rights they want to eliminate so the voters elected them with eyes wide open.

  3. Let the people of the Ass party wallow in the filth they have created. More and more tent cities will spring up as the Liberal party continues to destroy itself in the land of fruits and nuts.

    So be it.

  4. I dunno O.C., I think maybe a goodly number of those Catholic Democrats probably support the “good intention” behind the proposed law and would be happy to see it enacted. “For the children” and all that, right?

    Such is the sorry state of catechesis these days.

  5. The only reason I despise the phrase “For the children” is because it never is “For the children”.

  6. I’ve been trying to tell you people for years. This is one of the lesser reasons that you won’t be going to Heaven if you voted Democrat.

    In other news, Nevada and others are back-door resolving the fatal flaw in the US Constitution: that a Republican could become president.

  7. You won’t be going to Heaven if you voted Republican either. Thinking one gets to Heaven by holding the right political opinions or voting the right way is just silly.

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