PopeWatch: Marxist

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Ah, what interesting, yes, that’s the word, times in which we live:


A plan to restructure the Vatican recently approved by Pope Francis’ Council of Cardinal Advisers has come under fire from Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Francis’ former doctrine chief, who says that it is “absurd” for prioritizing the Secretariat of State and the practice of “evangelization” above the Catholic faith itself. Müller also wonders if the plan is not based on “Marxist” ideology.

“In this preparation of the so-called reform of the Curia they are lowering the priority of the faith,” Müller told the Spanish news service Infovaticana in a recent interview. “First comes the Secretariat of State, which says that the Secretariat of State, with its relations with States, diplomacy and Vatican bureaucracy, is more linked to the Pope’s supreme mission than the doctrine of faith. This is absurd. Those are mundane, secular chores. The spiritual mission comes from Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has not constituted the Vatican State with its head, and this head with his state governs the Church. It’s absurd.”

“The truth is the opposite. The Secretariat of State is only an aid to guarantee the independence, the freedom of the pope against the influence of politicians. But it is not the essence of the Petrine ministry. And how can it be said, among the dicasteries, that first comes that of evangelization and then faith and the doctrine of faith? Evangelization is praxis and faith is theory. What concept of theory and praxis do they have? The Marxist system?” said Müller.

Müller’s concern about a “Marxist” foundation to the relationship between theory and “praxis” (Greek for “practice”) is a reference to the Marxist claim that ideological theory is created to justify the practice of revolution, which is an unquestionable premise that has primacy over any theory. Pope Francis, who appears to many to have been influenced by radical forms of Marxism, has been accused of embracing this view of theory and practice, which would reverse the order of priorities of the Church, placing the practice of “evangelization” above the integrity of the Catholic faith itself.

Go here to read the rest.  Remember when the question “Is the Pope Catholic?” wasn’t a question?

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  1. Mercy first…then Justice.

    Hang on world…Justice is coming.
    Stay sober. Pray harder. Be ready.
    The bridegroom is getting closer.
    Some, whom you never would expect, are going to scrambling for oil at the last minute. Fools.

  2. McCarrick’s fingerprints were all over the conclave to elect this disaster area of a Pontiff.
    Bergoglio is who he is. The greater sin was in the Cardinals who put him where he is.

  3. Sounds like a plan to turn the institutional Church into a global evangelical mega-church. That means in the not too distant future the most powerful positions in the hierarchy will be those of the heads of the dicasteries of youth ministry and contemporary worship (i.e. music) ministry.

    Stairway to Heaven ought to make a killer antiphon, don’t you think?

  4. Sounds good Ernst. I was thinking Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky for the communion antiphon myself.

  5. At least people won’t be trying to hold your hands during the Our Father anymore, since they’ll be too busy clapping.

  6. It looks like the new church is coming to take the form of a high pressure boiler room marketing operation. Say whatever needs to be said to close the sale. Make the sale and charge the credit card.

  7. Yes, Marxist theory exactly. Francis move is perfectly in line with the Marxism embedded Vatican II, i.e., emphasis on the importance of Man, Social Justice initiatives, and the New (Marxist) Evangelization. Nothing new here. Pope is merely making it official.

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