PopeWatch: Open Thread

We haven’t had a PopeWatch open thread in a while.  The usual open thread rules apply:  be concise, be charitable and, above all, be amusing!  With that, PopeWatch will be on Memorial Day hiatus until 28, 2019.

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  1. In the “Francis Era” (sp error)… I think Gloria sums it up what I think and feel, at first I was afraid of a bad pope, I was petrified, at first I wasn’t sure how to process this, then grew stronger in the Faith, so even if you (Francis) come back from outer space don’t bother me….. I will not bother to listen to you say one thing then mean the opposite, no more being bothered by your spreading confusion.
    HIS Church Will Survive and so will i

  2. “… you say one thing then mean the opposite, no more being bothered by your spreading confusion.”

    I agree David but it took me a while to get there. I no longer listen to ‘explanations’ from fifty different sources of what the Pope ‘meant’ for that just adds to the confusion of Papal speak. I know who founder of the Church is and I know who it is that guides and defends her and if there is something of importance that is said in the Vatican that I should know about I trust Christ enough help me understand without the confusion.

  3. Being in my sixth decade, the last thing I expected to be experiencing, now, is my complete disgust and rejection of the current bishop of Rome and his lieutenants, advisors and underlings.
    It seems the USCCB will eventually be taken down by various RICO investigations. So be it. They brought it upon themselves.
    And finally, God Bless Holy Benedict.

  4. Dear pope Francis,what make youso blind to the main reason of why the Muslim are invading Europe? Ill tel you, to conquer,and destroy Christianity that their real mission.

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