On Memorial Day we remember those we can never thank.  A very good reason to thank those we can.

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  1. Very touching. The best men I know are the ones with whom I served on the USS Jacksonville SSN-699. I am a plankowner, having been assigned to her at commissioning. This year she’s being decommissioned; that’s sad for me. I outlived her. I still remember every reading and every control on reactor plant control panel while steaming underway like it’s yesterday. But far more importantly, I remember my shipmates – men like that are the real though unspoken heros, but they would deny having done anything heroic.

    Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, for our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and coastguard men who have defended our freedom; protect those still in field, on or under the sea and in air; and grant everlasting rest to those who never returned from patrol.

  2. One of the things that makes me proud of the military and veteran community as a whole– people keep trying to start up hissy-fit fests, and it keeps dying.

    Now, every time there’s a “don’t set off fireworks, it’ll trigger someone’s PTSD!” control-attempt, they get covered with folks pointing out ACTUAL PTSD triggers.
    Last year the scolds took up that you’re only supposed to thank Vets on Veteran’s day, and only supposed to mourn the war-dead on Memorial day.

    I’m pendantic, even I can tell that’s inappropriate.

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