Lovebirds Update: Tolerant Left Strikes Again


Much of the contemporary Left consists of emotionally troubled morons mouthing slogans they barely understand.

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  1. I don’t know if what they say in the video is true or not because I’ve no way to substantiate it, however, with that said, why should we be surprised? This has been the modus operandi of the left for years now. Yes, even after all this time such intolerance still unbelievable in this nation of free speech.

  2. Yep. As we speak, in countries with healthy political cultures (e.g. Israel and Poland), the political parties with a Marxist or trade-union pedigree are withering away. In countries with unhealthy political cultures, the social democratic element in the electorate is resorting itself among political parties manifesting the red-haze, the green-squishead, and the social-liberal tendencies. In countries with the most superlatively diseased cultures, the social-democratic party is taken over by squisheads and Alinskyites. The U.S., Britain, and Canada appear to be in this last category.

    Because regnant political establishments have ruined institutions that were formerly detached from day-to-day political disputes (the appellate judiciary and academe, most notably), and the Democratic Party in particular has taken to systemic electoral fraud, these disputes will have to be resolved by force majeure. Great way to face an ascendant Chinese power. I tangle with partisan Democrats in fora like this and read Facebook spew of partisan Democrats among our circle of friends. They haven’t got a clue.

    I’d say worst political class in history, except that much of the electoral base of the Democratic Party is just godawful.

  3. Did you catch Alex Tabbarrok’s post on Operation Choke Point? If you want to know the origin of the the deplatforming being enforced by credit card companies and the like, the responsible parties are to be found among Obama appointees in the federal banking inspectorate, esp. the FDIC. The Democratic Party is a criminal organization.

  4. The Obama administration was frankly creepy for how much they seemed determined to live down to silly accusations against the government. It’s like actual Soviet plots– half the time they REALLY ARE straight out of B thrillers.

  5. It’s just that shrieking “Impeachment!” is more palatable than campaigning on, “Of course, we’re gon’na raise your taxes and you’re gonna lose your jobs.”

    The end justifies the means.

    Liberalism is hate.

    The Russia hoax and Mueller’s political hit job really are not only about Orange Man Bad, they are about the out-of-control, deep state and what it (almost) could de to President Trump.

    They weaponized IRA against right wing groups. They weaponized the FDIC against the Second Amendment. They weaponized the CIA, DoJ, FBI against Hillary’s (It Was Her Turn) ) election opponent. In fin, you’re a sucker if you think you live in a free country.

    A couple hundred of them should be hanged.

  6. We are indeed living in dire times in this country but I for one refuse to lose hope. I’ve said before that I believe with my whole heart that Trump was put in office because of Divine intervention and that position has never changed. The odds were too great for Trump to win, nothing added up and NO one saw it coming. To what end? I’m not sure but I think Trump is our last hope in turning this nation around from the muck that it found(finds) itself in. He is also the first candidate that I know of where so many people I know or through friends that were praying for Trump to win and made no bones about it.

    And so, if as I believe Trump was put in by God and has had to withstand an unrelenting attack of evil for two and a half years and still stand and still be strong then I trust God to give the President, warts and all, the strength to continue on this path for our nation for the rest of this term and the next. I believe God will be there til the job is done. God does not do anything half-arse, I don’t care how deep the swamp is.

  7. T. Shaw, I’ve said for years that the Democratic Party has become the:
    Party where Any Ends Justify Any Means..
    Once the Party decided in the end “birth control” as an end justified killing any child at any stage before it’s born, there were simply no means out of bounds for any ends It sought.
    “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light; but if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!”

  8. AG Barr should begin a RICO proceeding against the Democrat Party – the DNC and in each state and DC.
    The Big Tech companies need to be busted up using the Sherman Antitrust Act.
    The same with the media conglomerates – AT&T, Comcast, Disney, etc.
    Next, the USCCB needs to face RICO charges.

  9. PF I agree with you except for the USCCB. I do not believe the secular society should ever be involved in our Church problems. Let us keep it internal and let God take care of his “modern” apostles. Temporal punishment is no way as bad as eternal punishment.

    If you read the Bible, God used other countries to discipline faithless Israel. This is what took place when Rome crushed rebellious Israel and destroyed the Second Temple circa 70 AD. Just think of the irony of faithless worldly Catholics being brought to heel by the very world that they sold themselves out to. RICO is a fitting biblical punishment.

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