Rambo: Last Blood (We Can Hope)

At 72 I assume this chapter will involve Rambo staging a rebellion at a nursing home.  I am sure that Rambo, pushing a walker, will still be a formidable combatant against the evil nurses seeking to sell him to the Evil Sheriff, Russians, the Vietnamese, Burmese pirates, et al.  Thank you Mr. Stallone for demonstrating that age is no barrier to making bad film.

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  1. I am 11 years younger than Sylvester Stallone and am incapable of doing his workout routine:

    Yeah, maybe his movies are really bad films, but I have watched (and re-watched) all three of his Expendable movies. Frankly, I like older white men being portrayed as strong and invincible however bad those films were. It’s a welcome change to the feminist heroines of enviro-nazi imbecility, and their emasculated girly-boy partners.

    Yes, I admit that his three wives and his dalliances here, there and everywhere are typical of Hollywood. He’s about as flawed a human being as I am. But he bucks the Hollywood trend in being openly conservative. As for religion, he was raised Catholic, wandered away as an adult, became a born-again, then returned to the Catholic faith and now isn’t associated with any religious institution. Considering all the heresy and apostasy through Protestantism and even in the Catholic Church, I can’t fault him. Heck, I am thoroughly disgusted with Bergoglio and the Episcopacy for that matter.

    So I hope Stallone will continue as long as the good Lord lets him. Actually, maybe that’s the best any of us can hope for anyways. God bless Stallone and God save us from having to view even more bad films. Ha! Ha!

  2. Good for Stallone. At 72 Stallone has a way to go before he bests Jack LaLanne nwho died at 96 from pneumonia. LaLanne ‘s last daily workout was the day before he died.
    Like LQC it’s good to see older men on screen who are fit. Same with senior women. In a vet’s waiting room this evening a fit young person was a rarity. The biggest guy, who couldn’t have been 40, must have been 300lbs. He had a tattoo the length of his beefy arm in large capital letters that read, “BIG DAWG”.

  3. Very funny. My husband will be upset it’s the last one. Loved the traditional storyline of his Rocky series. As corny as it is, much respect to a man who forged his own career on his own terms. And gave us inspiring characters. Ps. Love ABBA

  4. ABBA gets a bad rap. The 1970s had a lot of bad music. My mother insisted on listening to it on – 1220 WGAR. Every time we were in the car we heard that shlock. Besides, Agnetha was cute back then.

  5. “Besides, Agnetha was cute back then.”

    You think? but of course I was just into their music…(cough)

  6. Seen one Die Hard/Rocky/Rambo/Terminator movie seen them all.

    I’m three years younger than Stallone. I can’t sit for ten minutes of that stuff. The ’60’s Batman TV series had it: it’s really spoof-worthy. To be fair, I could say that about almost every movie.

    I doubt if he could do a “Murphy.” I couldn’t.

    I’m old enough (1960’s) to remember Sunnyside Gardens in Queens, NY and every Friday night small-time pro boxing. Also, knew a man that made a few dollars as a sparring partner.

    Schwarzenegger’s “Commando” get the Award. He lands on an island and single-handedly kills a thousand-plus heavily-armed mercenaries.

  7. As for religion, he was raised Catholic, wandered away as an adult, became a born-again, then returned to the Catholic faith and now isn’t associated with any religious institution

    I actually went through the Rocky series for the first time and was actually surprised that it wore faith on it’s sleeve in several films (Rocky prays before a big match, in one film he asks for a priest’s blessing).

    While I liked Creed, I think one of it’s failings is that the main character didn’t display any religious traits himself – which made the whole thing feel off.

    I do need to see creed2.

  8. Terrible depends on the goal.

    I’d rather call them “popcorn films” or “nothing but fun destruction.”

    I don’t even like destruction….

  9. Weird Al Yankovic made a better spoof though he had to wear a body suit ….which might have made it funnier.

  10. Schwarzenegger’s best movies were Commando and True Lies.
    The scene where he drives the classic Corvette in DC….was on New York Avenue. I need that road to go home from work. The scene where he and Tom Arnold shoot at Bill Pullmans feet was at the Patuxent Reservoir, a few miles from where I lived (26 years ago).

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