That Whirring Sound You Hear is Walt


Leftists running huge corporations think nothing of bashing half their audience in order to virtue signal:

The Walt Disney Company is considering boycotting Georgia over its new abortion law, even as Disney profits from doing business in China, a notorious human rights violator that is putting Muslims in internment camps.

Disney CEO Bob Iger told Reuters on Thursday the company is likely to cease filming in Georgia if the pro-life law takes effect.

Disney apparently has no issue with doing business in China, which has undertaken mass detentions of Uighur Muslims, placing them in internment camps.

Disney opened a $5.5 billion resort in Shanghai, China, in 2016. Iger called Shanghai Disney the company’s “greatest opportunity since buying land in Florida.” Disney partnered with a state-owned company, Shanghai Shendi Group, for the resort.

“With its growing middle class, China is a particularly important growth market for Disney,” The New York Times reported in November 2018.

Disney also filmed movies in Middle Eastern countries with stricter abortion laws than the Georgia bill. Disney recently filmed movies in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, as the Washington Free Beacon first noted.

Go here to read the rest.  I would call Iger a hypocrite, but fool is a much more accurate term.  Walt Disney, one of the true entrepreneurial geniuses of the last century, started out life on the political left, having been raised in a socialist home.  By 1944 he was a fairly conservative Republican and remained so for the rest of his life.  However the founder of the House of Mouse was smart enough to keep his political leanings to himself, realizing that getting involved in partisan battles was bad for the corporate bottom line.  Iger, and his idiot ilk, in the current corporate world, lack this wisdom.  Time to remind them of just how wise Walt’s policy remains.  For myself, I will never see another Disney film, nor purchase any product associated with Disney, as long as Disney endorses the pro-abort cause, a cause dedicated to killing as much of future Disney audiences as possible.  I would love to hear what Walt would say, not for attribution of course, about this madness if he suddenly returned to this Vale of Tears.  No doubt it would be highly entertaining, in a non G rated sort of way.


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  1. Iger’s stance in Georgia does not, I believe, come from any sort of moral imperative on his part but is simply playing his PC card to Hollywood and other Leftist, and showing how virtuous Disney is in this world of Trump. As you mentioned, his business dealings in China and Middle East, such great models for the cause of humanity, totally destroys any honesty and integrity that Disney may have had lingering from the days of yore. RIP Walt.

  2. Disney apparently has no issue with doing business in China, which has undertaken mass detentions of Uighur Muslims, placing them in internment camps.

    Good point, and another indication, in case we needed one, that the inchoate ‘caring’ of the left is almost invariably on the spectrum running from ‘thoughtless’ to ‘fraudulent’.

  3. Boycotting Disney could be a difficult one since they own some major media outlets – ESPN, ABC, LucasFilm, Marvel…

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