You, Too, Can Have White Privilege!


From Ace of Spades:


Well, it’s not like white privilege is any big secret. Anyone can reach out and take some. Here’s how you do it: Go to school and study your ass off. Graduate from high school. Obey the law. Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol. Get a job. Consider no job, if it is honest work, to be beneath you. Work your ass off. Go to church. Avoid pre-marital sex and all-night partying. Do not have a child unless you’re married and are able to support one. Live beneath your means. Save money for emergencies. Do not hang out with criminals, slackers, or losers. This is white privilege in a nutshell. And what’s great about white privilege is, get this, you don’t have to be white to get it. These rules will work for anyone, regardless of race or religion or country of origin. All you have to do is follow them and good things will come your way. Usually.

Go here to read the rest.  I would add go to Church regularly (Most people I have represented in criminal cases have zero religious involvement.), don’t go to college to get a degree worth bupkis in the marketplace, avoid debt, treat people with kindness when you can and with firmness when you must, do not lie, have a sense of humor about yourself, do not put metal in your face or tattoos upon it, be faithful to your spouse and make your marriage and family your chief priority after God, avoid the “helping” agencies of the government like the plague and always keep your word.


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  1. …..
    Love people and use things to love them.
    The opposite kills the Spirit.
    [ Loving things and using people to get them. ]

    It’s simplistic but this truly works;

    Place Jesus first.
    Place Others second.
    Place Yourself last.

    JOY in all conditions. In Stormy and Perfect weather you will know Joy.

  2. White privilege – the benefit to be called a racist by someone that knows nothing about you, except that you are white.

    The now-rich nerds (who wore pocket protectors in high school) came up with ways to trash ordinary Americans (that slapped them around in high school) like deplatforming some and declaring male whiteness a pathology. FYI, a white nationalist is anyone with ideas to the right of Joe Stalin. the woke yammerers are a small minority who should be ignored and mocked.

  3. Hypocrisy. Eddie Murphy’s current girlfriend is Paige Butcher- a (very) white (Australian) woman who has just had his 10th child. He’s made a career out of perpetuating stereotypes, mainly about black people. And become very rich in the process. As has Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Tracey Morgan…and the list goes on. The racism (masked as comedy) hasn’t only been at the expense of black people- they’ve targeted white people, women, Asians, Arabs, disabled people, Jews…but the one that has gotten them unstuck is Gays. Don’t target gays or your career will be over. Go figure.

  4. Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.

    People will get angry with you, and blame you.

    Go on adulting anyways.

    my mom describes their format as “black humor.” It utterly infuriates her, because most of her teaching jobs were dealing with the kids of those who did what most of the jokes are about…and didn’t have cash. “Hahaha, it’s so funny—wait, actually, it freaking sucks.”

  5. The now-rich nerds (who wore pocket protectors in high school) came up with ways to trash ordinary Americans (that slapped them around in high school) like deplatforming some and declaring male whiteness a pathology.

    Nah, they got money and suddenly the popular kids like them. At least sort of. And so they want to keep doing stuff to make them popular.

    Don’t have to be a nerd for that, just have to be anybody who was unpopular.

    Same tactic at work in the gay and trans recruiting drives. 🙁

  6. Incidentally, you can watch the same self-disctruction via money in everything from lotto winners to sports stars and musicians or actors.

  7. I can imagine your mums frustration Foxfier. Your mum cares. They don’t. It’s all about the cash and ego. I’m sorry, but they are their own worst enemy. Perpetual victims.

  8. The phrase “white privilege” doesn’t help black people in any way, it only hurts poor white people.
    “What’s wrong with those white people, they have privilege?”

  9. 70 yrs ago.. my wife was born and raised in a chicken coop in California … Now that’s white privilege ! She had no shoes for her first few years and had to take a shower in a shed with slimy slugs attached to all the walls…. yes it had a dirt floor too don’t you know! I’d call that white privilege. Soon the chicken coop burned down… the family moved on wandering for a bit… I guess that wreaks of white privilege… right ? hmmm .. 20 yrs gone by and she opened a welding school… trained ex-cons and poor inner city folks and went on to become a $millionaire$. Bought a real home, a motor yacht and the like… But I have a question?? … is that still white privilege?

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