Anti-Second Amendment forces in our country have been roused by the action of the New Zealand government to respond to an act of mass murder by disarming the innocent.  However, thus far the disarming is not going according to scrip:


New figures show gun owners are holding back on handing in their firearms, because they’re waiting to hear how much the Government will pay for them

Figures released to Newstalk ZB by the New Zealand Police showed that, as of Sunday night, only 530 guns had been handed in since the ban on semi-automatic guns was finalised in early April.

There are around 250,000 licenced firearm holders in New Zealand and it’s estimated as many as 300,000 guns could now be illegal.

Go here to read the rest.  The secret of all law is that, outside of police states, voluntary compliance is necessary in order to make any law something other than a piece of paper.  Without this voluntary compliance most laws simply cannot be enforced.  Molon Labe next Kiwis?

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  1. I have seen how the Dems have behaved themselves since the election of Trump. I have seen the coercion they try to use to limit our rights. I have heard their socialist utterances. I’ve seen the hatred they have of America. I have seen how they use the mentally ill who kill others with a firearm as an excuse to disarm those who abide by the law and are sound of mind. All these things would make me think twice before handing in my guns, but the only reason I need not to turn my guns in is that it is MY right to own them without having to answer to anyone and my right defend myself and mine with them. My right to defend myself in the manner that I find necessary was given to me by God and not government so it is not the governments place to take my right away.

    To all those who believe Trump is a dictator then he must be a very poor one because the first thing dictators do is disarm the people. Have we seen that yet? No, just he opposite.

  2. Note to abortion Catholics that excoriate me, when you commence emoting over 70 million abortions, I’ll listen about guns. And, I don’t need to surrender to collectivist totalitarians to be a good Catholic.

    And, they’re legalizing weed.

    Feelings! Nothing more than feelings!

    Each year, 24/7, approximately 330 million Americans are not involved in gun violence.

    It’s all show and no substance.

    It’s virtue signaling and a national cudgel they swing at people they don’t like – ordinary Americans.

    Like very other crummy, collectivist policy, it’s all BS. On average 25 (of 330,000,000) people a year are shot with so-called assault rifles; about 300 (of 330,000,000) all killed by long barreled rifles/shotguns. By comparison, 800 people each year either are beaten to death or knifed to death. About 250,000 die in medical mishaps.

    Immediately after the Sandy Hook gun control OPPORTUNITY, CT and NY effectively banned “assault rifles.” They left legal my Ruger Mini-14 legal, though it is as good as the AR-15: it doesn’t have a pistol grip. About 1% in CT/NY complied. In fact, Thuginator Cuomo had written into the law a prohibition against compliance tracking.

    Come and take them.

  3. T. Shaw-
    I’ll listen to them on guns when they stop pretending that a criminal being shot while committing a crime is the same as his victim being shot.

  4. Hummm..

    So let’s churn out millions of violent computer games, along will thousands of violent movies and feed our children’s minds. Throw in a sexual deviant behavior and promiscuity into the smorgasbord. Then let’s top it off with legislation to make pot legal, call it dessert.

    Now let’s support the hell out of the producers and actors who make this buffet. Then let’s watch them tell us to change our behavior and beliefs. They might even convince a few to turn in their guns. They have been successful in helping to kill off a generation of babies so they feel confident that they can grab guns from the populace, glorify sinful behavior and promote discrimination that interferes with their agenda. (Christianity)

    More like
    Wormwood. A curse that continues to be worshiped.

  5. How has it worked out for New Zealand’s disarmed neighbor, Australia? Not well, crimes happen and the Aussies can only what, throw dinner plates? But the Marxists learned how to attain their goal, disarm the people, and they never let a tragedy go to waste. New Zealanders will likely have a day they greatly regret giving up their weapons, especially as they welcome more and more “migrants”, which are the other prong of the liberals attack on the West. What’s that about not knowing history….?

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