I’ve Been Saying This For Years…

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Here is a news article about abortion being “out of line” with both science and common sense; nice to see this in the mainstream media for a change. I’ve always found that when abortion is debated, pro-abortionists must dismiss one of the following: Science, Reason or Human Rights; at least one of the aforementioned must be “aborted”.

Science Aborted
Scientifically, human life begins at conception as an objective fact. To say the first stage of one’s life begins at some other threshold of consciousness or viability is subjective; a matter of opinion. At conception we have human life with a full set of human DNA, separate from the parents, alive & growing; in short a new and unique human being in its first stage of life. From here the discussion can quickly regress into a debate about personhood that dismisses science. It goes something like this: “The fetus is human, but not a person…and personhood is not a question for science.”

Reason Aborted
A lot of ways to demonstrate this; here is one…should something as important as the onset of personhood be based on something subjective, especially when an objective and observable beginning point (like conception) already exists? It’s a life and death decision; is it not?

If we ask, “What makes you a person?” would the pro-abortionist accept subjective thresholds as dictated by a given government or a given majority? If their own personhood were called into question, would they not prefer something more “scientific”?

We often fail to live up to the edicts of the obvious.

Human Rights Aborted
If one can accept subjective thresholds of personhood as dictated by a government or majority, then he or she should accept that blacks, Jews, gays, the disabled, the old, the sick, the poor, undocumented immigrates, or even political opponents could also be declared non-persons and “aborted”, or enslaved, or whatever, if a given government or majority demanded this. If not, why not?

If the right to be alive does not come from God, where else can it possibly come from except for the powers and principalities of this world.

“It is truly glorious for a religion to have such unreasonable men as enemies.”
– Blaise Pascal

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