Remembering A Man From a Far Country

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There were giants in the earth in those days

Genesis 6: 4




Presidential Message in Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s First Pilgrimage to Poland
Issued on: June 2, 2019

On this day, we commemorate the 40th anniversary of St. Pope John Paul II’s historic celebration of the Mass on June 2, 1979, in Warsaw, the opening of a nine-day visit to Poland that changed the course of history. As we remember the long struggle of the Polish people against communism, we also acknowledge that millions of people now live in freedom because of St. Pope John Paul II and his extraordinary life as a follower of Jesus Christ and a champion for human dignity and religious liberty.

In his homily forty years ago, St. Pope John Paul II delivered a powerful message of hope to the crowd gathered in Warsaw, to all of Poland, and to the world. His words stood tall against the repressive forces of communism throughout Poland and the rest of Europe. He inspired courage in the hearts of millions of men and women to seek a better, freer life.

Today, we celebrate this historic moment and reaffirm our commitment to ensuring that freedom always prevails. The United States and our allies stand united against the shackles of communism and as a beacon of liberty and prosperity throughout the world.

Melania joins me in remembering St. Pope John Paul II, whose poignant address stirred the soul of the Polish people and eventually helped tear down the Iron Curtain of communism in Europe. May we continue to be strengthened by his words and his call to God’s abundant compassion, strength, and glory.

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  1. The idea of creating paradise on Earth has been put forth by many, and it has aways failed, costing the lives of millions of innocent people. Robespierre, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Sanger….to them, innocent life was a hindrance to their utopian goals.
    The Polish people have paid dearly for these failed ideas. The Prussians considered Poles to be ” dogs that should just die” (Bismarck) and a bunch of malcontents fighting Slavic solidarity (Tsarist Russia). Hitler and Stalin liquidated between 4.8 and 6 million Poles.
    Today, Poland thrives. Poland serves as a lesson to developing countries as to which path to take. Sadly, it is too often ignored. Alexandria Occasional Cortex should be sent to Poland to see how socialism failed and a free market economy succeeds.

    This article was on Breitbart as well. As is typical for a secular website, there were the typical anti Catholic rants and a couple of radtrads who cannot get over the 1996 Assisi Conference and JPII kissing a copy of the Koran as a gift.
    Radtrads are another bunch who want Paradise on Earth, too. Won’t happen.

    Thank you for posting this, Mr.McClarey.

    Joe Washinski

  2. Wow. Beautiful words.

    I was fortunate to be able to attend WYD in Toronto 2002. On the final day, we had slept in Downside Park overnight – a massive open space which was filled with thousands of Pilgrims with their backpacks, suitcases sleeping bags. It had drizzled rain on and off all night. When St JP2 arrived that morning for the closing Mass- frail and slower physically but the mind sharp- he spoke the words (I paraphrase) “Like the Holy Waters of your baptism, may the rain wash away your sins”. And it suddenly stopped raining. The sun shone through the entire Holy Mass. There was around 800,000 people in attendance that morning. It was to be his last WYD. A hard act to follow. A truly great man with a lasting legacy.

  3. Trump.
    Who would of thunk it?

    Getting the communist/socialist sympathizers out of the halls of higher learning is going to take some doing…but with God all things are possible.

    America. Home of the brave. Trump in 2020.

  4. Today, Poland thrives. Poland serves as a lesson to developing countries as to which path to take. Sadly, it is too often ignored. Alexandria Occasional Cortex should be sent to Poland to see how socialism failed and a free market economy succeeds.

    She’d ignore it, because they’re Nazis.

    Yes, really, the place that was depopulated and enslaved and generally tortured to bits is Nazi because of a claim that there were some Poles recruited to work for the Nazis in-country.
    Just “amazingly” it was about when Poland was trying to get the bases from Germany, too, and Russia was getting worried…. (They do love htem some “call the guy a Nazi”, don’t they?)

  5. Yes,Trump need our full support of our prayers.This nation need to go back to Godand it will happen under Trump has our president .Trump’s ennemy are pure communist.

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