PopeWatch: The Alpha and the Omega

Father Thomas G. Weinandy takes a look at the disastrous Abu Dhabi statement signed by the Pope:


Given the pluralism of world religions, many contemporary academics and pundits argue that Christianity can no longer claim itself to be the one true religion. Not only do those who profess other religious beliefs question Christianity’s uniqueness, but Christians, lay and ecclesial, do so as well. The ultimate question is: Is Jesus singular or is he merely one of many founders of various world religions? This issue assumed new prominence and urgency when in Abu Dhabi Pope Francis and Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb co-signed a document on February 4, 2019.

This document stated: “The pluralism and the diversity of religions, color, sex, race and language are willed by God in his wisdom, through which he created human beings.”  God positively willed the sexual complementarity of male and female, as well as different races and nations. Did he, in the same overt positive manner, will Christianity and Islam and so absolutely will not only Jesus as the founder of Christianity, but also Mohammed as the founder of Islam?

Pope Francis is noted for his ambiguous statements, but I find the indeterminate meaning contained in the Abu Dhabi statement the most egregious. By implication, it not only devalues the person of Jesus, but it also, and more so, strikes at the very heart of God the Father’s eternal will. Thus, such studied ambiguity undermines the very Gospel itself. Such implicit doctrinal subversion of so foundational a mystery of the faith on the part of Peter’s successor is for me and for many in the Church, particularly the laity, not simply inexcusable, but it most of all evokes profound sadness, for it imperils the supreme love that Jesus rightly deserves and merits.


Go here to read the rest.  Pope Francis gives us the husk of Christianity and deprives us of the substance that has sustained the Catholic Church for 20 centuries.


Regardless, no one, not even a pontiff, can undo or override the will of God the Father concerning Jesus his Son. It is God the Father who “has highly exalted him and bestowed upon him the name which is above ever name.” The Father has eternally decreed that at the name of Jesus, and not at the name of Buddha, Mohammed, or the name of any other past, present, or future religious founder, that “every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” To do so is not simply to glorify Jesus, but also “to the glory of God the Father” (Phil. 2:9-11). In his love the Father has given the world Jesus his Son (Jn. 3:16), and “there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). In this supreme truth we are to rejoice in gratitude and praise.

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  1. “In the beginning was the Word.” “The Word was God.” “The Word became flesh.” “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” NO one comes to the Father except through ME.” “I am the Bread of Life.” Thanks Buddha and Mohammad, but no thanks. I’ll take my chances with Jesus.

  2. I will never bow my knee to Mohammad. A fraud amongst many other things. How infuriarating to read this. We do not need to afford Islam an ounce of respect. They are the antithesis of what Christianity is and what our Lord Jesus Christ is- the Son of God! Our Saviour.

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