Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Syra of Troyes

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SHE was sister to St. Fiacre, fired by whose example she left all to follow Christ. To make this sacrifice more entire she sailed from Ireland, her native country, and going after her brother into France, addressed herself to his patron and protector, St. Faro, bishop of Meaux. That holy prelate recommended her to his sister Fara, abbess in Brie. Syra, under so eminent a directress, became a perfect pattern of humility, meekness, charity, and devotion. From her cell she was translated into paradise in the seventh century, and is honoured at Troyes and in some parts of Ireland on the 8th of June; and at Meaux on the 23d of October. See Saussaye, and Colgan in MSS.

Butler’s Lives of the Saints

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