Saint of the Day Quote: 108 Polish Martyrs

How can a pastor abandon their sheep?

Saint Antoni Julian Nowowieski


  1. Antoni Julian Nowowiejski, (1858–1941 KL Soldau), bishop
  2. Leon Wetmański, (1886–1941 KL Działdowo), bishop
  3. Władysław Goral, (1898–1945 KL Sachsenhausen), bishop




  1. Józef Kowalski, priest beaten to death on 3 July 1942 in the KL Auschwitz concentration camp.[3]
  2. Józef Kurzawa, priest (1910–1940)
  3. Józef Kut, priest (1905–1942 KL Dachau)
  4. Józef Pawłowski, priest (1890–9 January 1942 KL Dachau)
  5. Józef Stanek, Pallottine, priest (1916–23 September 1944, murdered in Warsaw)
  6. Józef Straszewski, priest (1885–1942 KL Dachau)
  7. Karol Herman Stępień, Franciscan friar, priest (1910–1943, killed near Iwieniec, Belarus)
  8. Kazimierz Gostyński, priest (1884–1942 KL Dachau)
  9. Kazimierz Grelewski, priest (1907–1942 KL Dachau)
  10. Kazimierz Sykulski, priest (1882–1942 KL Auschwitz)
  11. Krystyn Gondek, Franciscan friar, priest (1909–1942 KL Dachau)
  12. Leon Nowakowski, priest (1913–1939)
  13. Ludwik Mzyk, Society of the Divine Word, priest (1905–1940)
  14. Ludwik Pius Bartosik, Conventual Franciscan friar, priest (1909–1941 KL Auschwitz); of Niepokalanow. These were the closest collaborators of St Maximilian Kolbe in the fight for God’s cause and together suffered and helped each other spiritually in their offering their lives at Auschwitz
  15. Ludwik Roch Gietyngier, priest from Częstochowa (1904–1941 KL Dachau)
  16. Maksymilian Binkiewicz, priest (1913–24 July 1942, beaten, died in KL Dachau)
  17. Marian Gorecki, priest (1903–22 March 1940 KL Stutthof)
  18. Marian Konopiński, Capuchin friar, priest (1907–1 January 1943 KL Dachau)
  19. Marian Skrzypczak, priest (1909–1939 shot in Plonkowo)
  20. Michał Oziębłowski, priest (1900–1942 KL Dachau)
  21. Michał Piaszczyński, priest (1885–1940 KL Sachsenhausen)
  22. Michał Woźniak, priest (1875–1942 KL Dachau)
  23. Mieczysław Bohatkiewicz, priest (1904–4 March 1942, shot in Berezwecz)
  24. Narcyz Putz, priest (1877–1942 KL Dachau)
  25. Narcyz Turchan, priest (1879–1942 KL Dachau)
  26. Piotr Edward Dankowski, priest (1908–3 April 1942 KL Auschwitz)
  27. Roman Archutowski, priest (1882–1943 KL Majdanek)
  28. Roman Sitko, priest (1880–1942 KL Auschwitz)
  29. Stanisław Kubista, Society of the Divine Word, priest (1898–1940 KL Sachsenhausen)
  30. Stanisław Kubski, priest (1876–1942, prisoner in KL Dachau, killed in Hartheim near Linz)
  31. Stanisław Mysakowski, priest (1896–1942 KL Dachau)
  32. Stanisław Pyrtek, priest (1913–4 March 1942, shot in Berezwecz)
  33. Stefan Grelewski, priest (1899–1941 KL Dachau)
  34. Wincenty Matuszewski, priest (1869–1940)
  35. Władysław Błądziński, Michaelite, priest (1908–1944, KL Gross-Rosen)
  36. Władysław Demski, priest (1884–28 May 1940, KL Sachsenhausen)
  37. Władysław Maćkowiak, priest (1910–4 March 1942 shot in Berezwecz)
  38. Władysław Mączkowski, priest (1911–20 August 1942 KL Dachau)
  39. Władysław Miegoń, priest, commandor lieutenant (1892–1942 KL Dachau)
  40. Włodzimierz Laskowski, priest (1886–1940 KL Gusen)
  41. Wojciech Nierychlewski, religious, priest (1903–1942, KL Auschwitz)
  42. Zygmunt Pisarski, priest (1902–1943)
  43. Zygmunt Sajna, priest (1897–1940, shot at Palmiry, near Warsaw)

Religious brothers

  1. Brunon Zembol, friar (1905–1942 KL Dachau)
  2. Grzegorz Bolesław Frąckowiak, friar (1911–1943, guillotined in Dresden)
  3. Józef Zapłata, friar (1904–1945 KL Dachau)
  4. Marcin Oprządek, friar (1884–1942 KL Dachau)
  5. Piotr Bonifacy Żukowski, friar (1913–1942 KL Auschwitz)
  6. Stanisław Tymoteusz Trojanowski, friar (1908–1942 KL Auschwitz)
  7. Symforian Ducki, friar (1888–1942 KL Auschwiitz)

Nuns and religious sisters

Alicja Jadwiga Kotowska, a nun killed in 1939 in the mass murders in Piaśnica.
  1. Alicja Maria Jadwiga Kotowska, sister (1899–1939, executed at Piaśnica, Pomerania)
  2. Ewa Noiszewska, sister (1885–1942, executed at Góra Pietrelewicka near Slonim, Belarus)
  3. Julia Rodzińska, Dominican sister (1899–20 February 1945, KL Stutthof); she died having contracted typhoid serving the Jewish women prisoners in a hut for which she had volunteered.
  4. Katarzyna Celestyna Faron (1913–1944, KL Auschwitz); (1913–1944), had offered her life for the conversion of an Old Catholic bishop Władysław Faron (no relation). She was arrested by the Gestapo and condemned to Auschwitz camp. She put up heroically with all the abuses of the camp and died on Easter Sunday 1944. The bishop later returned to the Catholic Church).
  5. Maria Antonina Kratochwil, SSND nun (1881–1942) died as a result of the torture she endured while imprisoned in Stanisławów.
  6. Maria Klemensa Staszewska, (1890–1943 KL Auschwitz)
  7. Marta Wołowska, (1879–1942, executed at Góra Pietrelewicka near Slonim, Belarus)
  8. Mieczysława Kowalska, sister (1902–1941, Soldau concentration camp in Działdowo)

Roman Catholic laity

  1. Bronisław Kostkowski, alumnus (1915–1942 KL Dachau)
  2. Czesław Jóźwiak (1919–1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  3. Edward Kaźmierski (1919–1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  4. Edward Klinik (1919–1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  5. Franciszek Kęsy (1920–1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  6. Franciszek Stryjas (1882–31 July 1944, Kalisz prison)
  7. Jarogniew Wojciechowski (1922–1942, guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  8. Marianna Biernacka (1888–13 July 1943), executed instead of her pregnant daughter-in-law, offered her life for her unborn grandchild
  9. Natalia Tułasiewicz (1906–31 March 1945, died in KL Ravensbrück)
  10. Stanisław Starowieyski (1895–13 April 1941 KL Dachau)
  11. Tadeusz Dulny, alumnus (1914–1942 KL Dachau)

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  1. The Holy blood from these martyrs have been successful in building a united Catholic Church in Poland. A model for American Catholics. Priests, Bishops and Laity.

    What calamity will future martyrs face in these United States? Who will stay the course and run the race to the very end?
    Whomever it is, their blood will help seed a renewed Spirit of holiness to overcome the putrid sinfulness of false clergy who have stolen what never belonged to them.

    What ever the short lived regime to come may be, it is our duty to be prepared to face them with the courage of the above 108. To them I give thanks to God.
    May they help us to live lives worthy of their sufferings. May our sufferings be worthy to Almighty God and may Providence usher in a Holy Catholic Church for our posterity.

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