PopeWatch: Father Z

The pain that this kidney stone of a pontificate is causing faithful Catholic priests is beyond belief.  Case in point Father Z:


There is an article today at National Review which has a reaction to Pope Francis’ strange words about the Eucharist.  HERE.   Francis said that, since “there is already unity” among Christians, then we shouldn’t have to “wait for theologians to come to agreement on the Eucharist.”

Is that so?  If that is the case, then a fundamental principle we Catholics have embraced since the beginning of the Eucharist is being overthrown.  The idea is this: The reception of the Eucharist in Communion together both reflects unity and creates unity.  However, one of those has logical priority and chronological priority.  Common belief in what the Catholic Church teaches about the Eucharist is a sine qua non for its reception in common with other Catholics.  Once unity in belief is established, then reception continues to deepen the unity.  But the one must precede the other, logically and chronologically for “communion”, in its proper sense, to be authentic.   Admission of those who do not believe and who do not publicly profess what Church teaches about the Eucharist, is to cause a false appearance of communion and an abuse of the sacrament of unity.  In other words, reception of the Eucharist cannot, by itself, create communion.  Grace builds on nature, it doesn’t replace it.  Hence, what Francis said is troubling at best and disturbing at non-best.  I don’t know how to square what he is suggesting.

I’m a convert.  I was Lutheran.  No Communion for me before I converted.  Lutherans don’t believe what Catholics believe about the Eucharist. Period.  No Communion for them, or any other person who doesn’t believe what the Church teaches.  This is not rocket science and every Catholic who has even the slightest clue knows this is true.  I’m not making this up.

Go here to read the rest.  We can take comfort in the observation that man has never seen so dark a night as to prevent the coming of the dawn.  This too shall pass.

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  1. Question: Is there any difference between the actions of Pope Francis and the devil to undermine the Catholic faith?

    Answer: Yes. Pope Francis is worse because he is disguised.

  2. What is it with the flying Pope?
    Or is it the press?
    Or both?

    If he could only keep his opinions to himself but that isn’t going to happen.
    Please remove the press from future flights. This kind of reporting is having a terrible effect on my early morning coffee
    ritual. I’m afraid that I’ll have to drink Irish coffee just to get through PopeWatch.

  3. Those that elected him are guilty of the greater sin. They knew what they were doing.
    Bergoglio is a fraud and a documented liar. Either the Lavender Mafia owns him or he is a willing participant.

  4. Thank God for flying press conferences. Nothing done in the dark won’t see the light. This is a man who famously said he wanted to say more, but couldn’t. Sunlight will always be the best disinfectant.
    So, now we know. Now we know not to listen to this false shepherd as there is no chance he will speak ex-cathedra. Pope “God wills a plurality of religions” Francis rightly fears a direct lightening strike if he attempted such a thing. Clarity is wonderful.

  5. Penguins fan-good point. When you look at how evil or moronic Francis is, you have to wonder what was going through the minds of those who voted for him.

  6. Of course, there are “first” voters. Those who have to always vote for a “first” never mind the substance of the candidate – first African-American U.S. president; first woman candidate for U.S. president; first Western Hemisphere pope, first South American pope or first Argentine pope.

  7. Thanks for the link David WS.

    What Pope Emeritus said in his homily of 2005 fits perfectly the over inflated ego of a certain bouncer.

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