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Captain Queeg Pope Francis is getting testy:


Pope Francis has demanded obedience from Vatican ambassadors and reminded them of their duties before him, God and the faithful after years of scandal have tarnished the reputation of the Holy See’s diplomatic corps.

Francis told envoys they may have reservations about papal policy but they don’t represent themselves and can’t “criticize the pope behind his back, have blogs or join groups hostile to him.”

Go here to read the rest.  PopeWatch doubts that many Vatican ambassadors have blogs.  Perhaps the Pope just tossed in blogs because of the strong criticism receives from blogs.  Doubtless Pope Francis does not read the blogs, but many of the men around him probably do, and advise him of the attacks on him.

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  1. “I’m in Charge!”
    One of the first rules in leadership, I think, is if you need to say that it’s already too late, you’re already not charge. And as the Pope, you’re not, I think, supposed to say that anyway, the Holy Spirit is Supposed to be in Charge.

  2. The Holy Spirit I believe is to make sure the Church does not try to infallibly teach a heresy. The Pope may say anything he wants but if he tried to teach Ex Cathedra a heresy, it would not happen. That is my understanding. Yeah, the Holy Spirit is guiding this Church in the Truth but we have been given a Vicar who, because of his office does command authority over those in the clergy and pewsitters, however, as you said David, if you have to tell your employees your in charge, you are no longer in charge or it is slipping out of your hands.

  3. The nuncios must be as bemused by this false and ridiculous person who thinks he’s the Pope as we are. Insane asylums are full of people like this.

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