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The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe.

Tom Wolfe

Jews in the West in modern times are ever the canaries in the coal mine.  Hard treatment for them always betokens disasters for all of humanity:


Nine months ago, Liam Rückert left his home and mother in Berlin to start a new life at a boarding school in Israel.

Aged just 16, he had been driven out of Germany by anti-Semitic bullies. The attacks had gone on for two years, with classmates openly talking about killing Jews and calling him vile names.

The fearful teenager’s grades declined as he ducked school, then he was sent to join a special unit for struggling children.

Liam Rückert felt the need to flee Germany like his grandfather Issak. His liberal-minded family moved him from a Jewish school to ensure he was fully integrated in wider society – and the attacks started on his second day

The final straw was a school trip to Rome. 

Liam refused to go – and only told his mother recently that the reason was a threat from the bullies that he would never return from Italy.

Little more than seven decades after the hideous discovery of Nazi gas chambers, the German government’s commissioner for anti-Semitism Felix Klein has warned it is unsafe for Jews to display their faith by wearing skullcaps in public.

‘My opinion… has changed after the ongoing brutalisation in German society,’ he told a newspaper two weeks ago. ‘I cannot recommend Jews wear the kippah whenever and wherever they want in Germany.’

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin responded by saying the warning – which followed the release of data showing rising incidents of abuse and violence – amounted to ‘an admittance that, again, Jews are not safe on German soil’.

Go here to read the rest.  Jew hating of course has never gone out of fashion among Neo-Nazis.  However, the real threat to Jews in Europe is from mass Islamic immigration and from the fact that antisemitism is finding a warm welcome these days on the Left.  The young man was smart to get out while the getting is good.  History may not repeat but it definitely rhymes and, in Germany and most of Europe. the rhymes are becoming ominous.



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  1. Germany has six million reasons to resist antisemitism and yet they refuse to pay attention. If this hatred continues, Germany may be have been a country that gave the world intellectual greats in the past but at the loss of their souls.

  2. (Germany would have to admit it’s fault of allowing Islamic immigration, in a relativist age.)

    Whenever I see Muslim women marching in support of Islamic thought, I think of the male dominated hierarchy they’re subjected to, namely:
    1. Men.
    2. Women…
    Why would these women march in support of that?

    Well wait, there’s more:
    1. Muslim men.
    2. Muslim women.
    3. Infidel men.
    4. Infidel women.

  3. Muslims in Europe – and the US – are not bothering Jews in the West enough for those Jews to say anything about it.

    What triggers Jews is anything Poland does these days. Poland passed a law in 2018 making it an offense to blame the Polish government or the Polish state for collaboration with the Holocaust – as the Polish government in exile never cooperated with Nazi Germany, the Polish underground executed anyone for turning in Jews to the Nazis and there were NO Poles who were concentration camp guards or in any Wehrmacht or SS unit. So, a Jewish organization in New York city made a video with a bunch of New York Jews saying “Polish Holocaust”. It became the most hated video on YouTube. Bibi Netanyahu was in Poland earlier this year on an official state visit with his foreign minister and the foreign minister repeated Yitzhak Shamir’s quote that Poles sucked anti-Semitism from their mother’s breasts. Poland then canceled the Visegrad 4 summit in Jerusalem. Last week, the Polish soccer team beat Israel 4-0. The Polish soccer team’s Facebook page used a term in Polish roughly translated to “pogrom” to describe the win, Breitbart published the story and the combox was full of insults to Poles and the nonsense that Poles were Nazi collaborators en masse.

    Usually overlooked is the fact that fo0r several hundred years, Poland WAS Israel, in a matter of speaking. The Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth had freedom of religion and jews expelled from other parts of Europe made their way to Poland for hundreds of years. Pogroms were mostly acts of Russians while the Imperial Russian government looked the other way.

    So, if Jews want to have a continued hissy fit at Poland and ignore the real threat, then one can’t say they were not warned.

  4. Along with the ones actively threatening Jews are the ones who engage in a passive hostility towards the Jews, not taking into considering what’s next when the land has no more Jews. It’s almost cliché at this point, but this poem is always on point:
    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist

    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist

    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist

    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew

    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me

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