Hypocrisy Thy Name is Harvard

Student Kyle Kashuv became a minor celebrity after the Stoneman Douglas High School shootings in Florida as a champion of the Second Amendment and a supporter of Donald Trump.  A brilliant student, he was admitted to Harvard.  Harvard has since rescinded his admission.  When he was 16, in a private e-mail with fellow juveniles, he used the term “nigger”.  He was ratted out on this by some of his fellow students at Stoneman Douglas High School, doubtless liberals, and his admission has been rescinded by Harvard.  From what I have seen of Harvard grads over the years, I think he probably dodged a bullet, but he is downhearted by all this right now.  Go here to read all about it.  Kashuv has learned a valuable lesson early in life.  The rules are different for conservatives, and there is no forgiveness for conservatives when they acted stupid when they were young and stupid, no matter how many times they apologize.  I would regard this as a minor story and not blog about it, except for the rank hypocrisy.

Harvard runs a racial spoils system in its admissions where non-Hispanic Whites, and Asians, are routinely discriminated against in admissions because of the color of their skin.  To have Harvard admissions go to the fainting couch over a racial epithet uttered by a callow 16 year old, while they practice racism in admissions as a matter of policy, is risible to say the least.  Harvard of course would defend itself along the lines of, “It is racism only when they do it.”.  They of course being disfavored groups in the eyes of Harvard.  It is ironic that Kashuv is a Jew.  Up to World War II Harvard, and most Ivy League schools, had a Jewish quota to keep the number of Jews attending those schools artificially low.  The more things change…


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  1. Poor Mr. Kashuv.

    Seen on the net. End income equality. Abolish the Ivy League.

    Past Sunday, A cable movie network played Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles.” Seemed as if the “N” word was pronounced about 600 times.

    Also, I rode NYC buses and subways for many years. The word “N” is common among blacks. But, a white can’t utter it. Some animals is more equal than others.

    Plus, (seen on Instapundit), “post-Christian America is post-forgiveness America.”

    Stop reading. Seems as if Mr. Cruz should have shot a few more.

  2. I guess we should all boycott NBC. The show Sanford and Son was produced by uber liberal Norman Lear. The star, Redd Foxx, was a friend of Malcolm X, and something of a radical. A look back at a freer America where people were not always looking over their shoulder before they said anything.

  3. Not sure why he applied to Harvard. And I wish he hadn’t apologized. If his family employs a black domestic, he should apologize to her. If he has a black kid in his circle of friends, he should apologize to him. Otherwise, it’s show trial cr!p.

    Did you catch how Harvard relaxed its admissions standards to admit David Hogg? Robert Stacy McCain (b. 1959) has said many times that he benefits from having been born at a time when the technology did not exist to broadcast his puerile opinions to the world. Same with yours truly. David Hogg is an exemplar of the downside of technology for the youth of the nation. That he’s getting positive feedback for being who he is at age 19 will distort his personality development.

    That Harvard elected to be asinine about this isn’t that distressing. What might be is that there’s an effective cartel that might very well shut him out of a hundred other rigorous schools. If you wish him well, you’ll hope he lands berths at state universities with satisfactory engineering schools, or state universities where he can prepare for post-baccalaureate study in biochemistry or agronomy or medicine.

  4. Perhaps Mr. Kushav should write to Harvard Admissions questioning if his admission was really rescinded for the reason that he is a Jew? Also asking if the unspoken quota for Jews is still in effect?

    My husband was admitted to Harvard graduate school while he was active duty. In his application essay he stated that he was a conservative and as such his admission would add diversity to the predominately liberal student body. He received his MPA in 1991.

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