PopeWatch: Point of No Return

Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register gives us a look ahead at the next disaster in this Papacy of Calamities:

VATICAN CITY — The upcoming synod on the Amazonian region will be a time of “pastoral reflection, open to recognizing diversity” and “listening to the Amazonian reality with all its cultural and ecclesial facets,” Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the general secretary of the Synod of Bishops told reporters at the launch of the meeting’s working document Monday.

Entitled “Amazonia, New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology,” the Oct. 6-27 synod, the cardinal said, will comprise all the bishops from the vast region that encompasses Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, French Guyana, Guyana and Surinam, along with experts, heads of relevant cur\ial departments and several papal appointees.

Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck of Essen, Germany, head of the German bishops’ Latin America commission which provides financial and pastoral support to Latin America, said in May that the synod will lead the Church to a “point of no return” and thereafter “nothing will be the same as it was.” 

The new 64-page working document, called an instrumentum laboris, will form the basis of discussion and focuses on themes such as inculturation, “ecological conversion” and synodality. Cardinal Baldisseri said it draws on “extensive consultation” with the help of “qualified experts.”

The text is divided into three parts: the “voice of Amazonia,” involving a presentation of current reality of life in the region; “integral ecology,” examining the Amazon’s “ecological and pastoral problems,” and lastly, challenges and hopes of the “prophetic Church in Amazonia,” focusing on “ecological and pastoral issues” with an “Amazonian and missionary face.”

Within these sections are a number of controversial passages: It calls on bishops’ conferences with a “healthy decentralization” to “adapt the Eucharistic ritual to their cultures”; to study ordaining elders who may already have a “stable family” as priests to bring the sacraments to remote areas; and to identify an “official ministry that can be conferred on women.”

Other passages require the “teaching of Pan-Amazon indigenous theology” in “all educational institutions”; propose that “indigenous rituals and ceremonies are essential for integral health”; and invite the participants to “reconsider” the linking of Church authority with her sacramental, judicial, administrative duties, especially holy orders.  

The document begins by noting that the synod must “increasingly become a privileged instrument for listening to the People of God,” and draws attention to a preparatory document published last year circulated to elicit feedback from the region through questionnaires.

Go here to read the rest.  Let’s see, because the Church in South America has done a really crappy job regarding vocations over the past 500 years, it is time to jettison the Catholic Church and to form a new religion.  May God stop them, and may God forgive them.


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  1. So some heretical Bishop from Germany has the arrogance to say that Christ’s one, true Church is at the “point of no return”. What arrogance. We all know how this ends, not well for “Bishop” Overbeck. The irony of this all is that if this crowd had been in charge from the beginning there would be no Church in Amazonia. This crowd couldn’t convert a single soul even if it wanted to. Sterile doesn’t even begin to describe these people. To quote Strother Martin from one of my favorite episodes of The Rockford Files; “barren queens”.

  2. We are so vigilant against anti-catholic forces outside of our Church, yet blind to the wolves in bishops attire already within our Church.

  3. The was a time when “the Church” looked to the Holy Family for its social model….but that doesn’t facilitate Marxist theology very well.

  4. Those in the Hierarchy are epicene ecclesiastics who will not jeopardise their jobs (Come on, their behavior illustrates it is not really a vocation in response to a call from God) or status by standing up for the truth and opposing the heteropraxy of Francis.

    ABS has known (He had to picket his own Chancery in the 1970s) that he has been abandoned by his Bishops for decades.

    Because of the way Jesus established His Church, with its Hierarchy having authority on earth, there is little a lay man can do other than to Keep the Faith once delivered, in the Peace of Christ, and faithfully wait on the Lord and don’t let the bastids get ya down.

    The Hierarchy can not make you sin, only you can commit a sin, and if the Hierarchy orders you to sin, LOUDLY and PUBLICLY laugh at them and refuse to respond to them at all.

    They deserve derision and there is no virtue to be had by responding to Francis with respect as he deserves none at all. His office deserves but derision, laughter, and scorn

  5. Whew! Good thing I re-read the first sentence of this article. I thought it read “Papacy of catamites.” Nevermind. (I gotta get some new glasses!)

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