Saint of the Day Quote: Blessed John Fenwick

I Suppose you expect I should say something, as to the Crimes I am condemn∣ed for, and either acknowledge my Guilt, or assert my Innocence: I do
therefore Declare before God and the whole World, and call God to witness, that what I say is true, that I am as innocent of what is laid to my charge, of
plotting the King’s Death, and endeavouring to subvert the Government, as the Child yet unborn, and that I know nothing of it, but what I have learnt from
Mr. Oates and his Companions, and what comes originally from them.

And as to what is said and commonly believed of Roman Catholicks, that they are not to be believed or trusted, because they can have Dispensations for Lying,
Perjury, killing Kings, and other the most enormous Crimes: I do hereby utter∣ly renounce all such Pardons and Dispensations, and withall Declare, that it is a
malicious and most wicked Calumny cast on them, who do with all their hearts and souls hate and detest such wicked and damnable practices, and in the words
of a dying Man, and as I hope for mercy at the hands of God, before whom I must shortly appear, and give an account of all my Actions. I do again Declare,
that what I have said is most true, and I hope Christian Charity will not let you think, that by the last Act of my Life, I should cast away my Soul, by sealing
up my last Breath with a damnable Lye.

Blessed John Fenwick, speech from the gallows on June 20, 1679, prior to his execution and that of four of his fellow Jesuits.

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