Trump’s speech revealed a far more ideologically conservative Trump than he was is 2016. When Trump ran for the presidency, he was not ideological. His leanings appeared to be towards the left. He probably thought conservatives were a bit paranoid and over-the-top sounding the alarm about how Democrats seek to undermine our country’s best interests. But when the American left responded with furious wrath and anger against Trump for his “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, Trump’s eyes were opened. Incredibly, the American left’s vitriolic, insane 24/7 relentless rebuke and hatred for everything Trump does for America has pushed Trump further to the right.

Go here to read the rest.  I am convinced that the historical function of Trump is to shatter illusions.  He performs that task with abandon, which is the main reason he is hated by so many whose vested interests are threatened by those illusions vanishing.

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  1. Trump will go down as one of greatest Presidents. He embodies what it is to be an American (freedom to make our own way) and Christian (recognition of our dependence on God). Another good thing; by his actions he causes Progressives to express themselves, so we know who these folks are.

    Example: Yesterday I was de-friended on FB for saying Trump should be re-elected. Good to know who your enemies are.

  2. They, the Left, never truly considered Trump to win in ’16. They were duped by their own pundits. They believed the baloney they sold and they choked on it.

    The pretenders in Hollywood don’t represent America or it’s values. Let them continue to berate Trump so they can dine on humble pie for another four years. As for Catholic politicians.
    May Bishops find the resolve that their peer Thomas Paprocki has.
    Enough is enough!
    Christ is King. Killing His children in the womb must stop. Trump IS pro-life and I believe that he is listening and praying to Almighty God for the benefit of America and it’s God fearing citizens.

  3. I truly believe there is something very wrong happening in the minds of people who support Trump. I write this in all seriousness. My wife has three friends with whom she grew up with and went though 12 years of school. They hung out together, did things together and always stayed in touch even to this day, over fifty years. Two of them, Sara and Martha lean to the left(heavily) while my wife and the other, Mary to the right. After Trump was elected Mary was very active in FB and posted things Trump accomplished or quotes from speeches. Sara and Martha disowned Mary. They no longer talk to her, or even try to associate with her because of her support for Trump. I remember one day when they came to visit my wife they sat at my kitchen table and when my wife asked about Mary, Sara and Martha just said “oh, we don’t talk to Mary anymore, she supports Trump, she’s gone.” and with a wave of her hand Sara dismissed her as if she were swatting a fly. A friendship of 60 years dissolved and for what? Because of politics!
    I see this happening with other people I know. In the past people would have political disagreements but these aren’t just disagreements, it is pure hatred now. Trump’s arrival has shined a light on the true intentions of people in our country and has drawn a clear line drawn in the sand not seen since the Civil War. If and when Trump gets reelected, watch out.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly that one of President Trump’s greatest qualities is his ability to draw out the Left into revealing who they truly are. Leftists used to lie and hide their true goals. No longer. Clarity is such a good thing. So now, folks can’t continue to sit on the fence this time around. One of his other amazing qualities is that he has always loved this country. I believe that is one of the reasons he initially decided to run for president. Recently, he was at the graduation ceremony at USAFA and my son got to meet him as one of over 900 graduates. The President took the time to meet each one of them and there is no doubt the President thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You can’t fake the joy he radiated. God Bless this President and grant us four more years.

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