Boob Bait

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News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


U.S.—The 347 Democratic presidential candidates currently running announced Monday their new plan to attract voters to their platforms: simply to dangle stacks of cash over their heads on a fishing line.

At every rally and campaign event, Democrats running for president will dangle bags or bundles of cash above undecided voters, hoping to lure them to the polls to vote. 

“Rather than compete on ideas, we will resort to blatant bribery,” said Bernie Sanders after proposing giving $1.6 trillion to college graduates. Sanders then pulled out a fishing pole and began teasing his audience. “Whooa, gotta be quicker than that!” he said, laughing as audience members tried to jump up and grab the cash. “You almost got it that time!”

Go here to read the rest.  Democrats are making the classic error as they play their game of can-you-top-that mendacious offers of mass bribes to select groups of voters.  After the primaries there is the general election, and Trump eagerly awaits them.

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  1. So the serious college student who put himself through school and landed a good job, is now forced by the government to pay off the loans of a barista who stupidly took out huge loans for a degree in gender studies.

  2. Wonder which one of the “d” list candidates is both desperate and clever enough to legally change his or her name to Anybody But Trump.

  3. Anybody recall the fictional Senator Windrip who promised everybody $5000 each if he won the presidency? Lewis portrayed him as a fascist running as a Democrat (which fascists always do).

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