PopeWatch: Cardinal Sarah

Some sycophants claim that the Holy Spirit chose Pope Francis to be Pope.  That isn’t how the Holy Spirit works.  If it were, likely this man would now be Pope:

Cardinal Robert Sarah has said he is “hurt to see so many priests selling off Catholic doctrine and sowing division among the faithful,” and that seeking to “win media popularity at the price of truth is like doing the work of Judas.” 

The prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments also said that those who “loudly announce change and rupture are false prophets” and are “not looking for the good of the flock” but are “mercenaries smuggled into the sheepfold.”

Speaking to an audience at the church of Saint François-Xavier in Paris at a launch of his new book Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse on May 25, the Guinean cardinal warned against causing division in the Church by promoting teaching contrary to the Magisterium.

“If everyone defends his opinion, his theological hypotheses, his novelty, or a pastoral approach that contradicts the requirements of the Gospel and the perennial Magisterium of the Church, then division will spread everywhere,” he said. “I am hurt to see so many priests selling off Catholic doctrine and sowing division among the faithful.” 

The cardinal said Christians are owed “clear, firm and stable teaching,” and asked: “How is it acceptable that bishops or episcopal conferences contradict each other?” 

“Where there is confusion, God cannot dwell!” the cardinal continued. “For God is Light and Truth.”


Coherence With Past Teaching

He stressed that the unity of the faith “implies the unity of the magisterium in space and time” and that “when a new teaching is given to us, it must always be interpreted in coherence with the preceding teaching.” 

But he said “if we introduce ruptures and revolutions, we break the unity that has governed the Holy Church over the centuries.

Go here to read the rest.  Cardinal Sarah is 74 years of age.  May God in His mercy one day allow us to see him as Pope.


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  1. “May God in His mercy one day allow us to see him as Pope.”

    Certainly preferable to God in his justice giving us the Pope we deserve!

  2. Asking for a Catholic Pope seems ridiculous….however we are living in ridiculous times. The Lavender Mafia is dug in. Rooting them out or waiting for the die off seems like the only two solutions. The former is nearly impossible. The later will take patience and time.

    Pope Francis is being lead by unholy spirits. I wish he wasn’t.

  3. Boy does he know where the problem lies–“pastoral” nonsense and the changing or contradicting what has always been taught. His choice of the word, “confusion”, is little more than code for Papal ambiguity in my book.

  4. @ Michael Dowd

    Thanks for the link to radtadthomist.

    The timing is incredible and no one can dispute it. An eclipse alright. The shadow must move on and the return of the light will come. Holy Church has Christ’s promise given to St. Peter. But oh boy, what a ride. The demons are raging.

    I found this from May of this year on the site you provided;
    (It is a mistake for the Church to try to hold onto old traditions or to have clear answers for everything, Pope Francis said Thursday)

    Did Francis nap through his entire time at the seminary?

  5. Great Cardinal but isn’t he just one year away from retirement age? And I recently moved to the Philippines. You all remain in my prayers…

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