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Some observers are puzzled by this:


One year after credible allegations of sex abuse of a minor led to his public disgrace, the 88-year-old Theodore McCarrick is no longer a cardinal of the Catholic Church, no longer an archbishop, and no longer a cleric. He continues to reside at a Franciscan friary in Kansas, perhaps indefinitely.

“Mr. McCarrick continues to reside at St. Fidelis Friary in Victoria, Kansas. He is in poor health and remains under a supervision plan,” Father Joseph Mary Elder, O.F.M. Cap., communications director for the Capuchin Franciscans’ Province of St. Conrad, told CNA June 18.

“At this point, the length of his stay is indeterminate, but he is looking for lodgings closer to his family. There is no timetable for when or if that might happen,” said Elder.

Go here to read the rest.  This is no mystery to PopeWatch.  Keeping McCarrick there keeps the media away from him.  Doubtless this is part of the deal that McCarrick struck with the gang running the Vatican.  He could rat out dozens, perhaps hundreds, of prelates and priests.  Thus McCarrick will remain a guest of the Church for the rest of his life, and his ill-gotten gains will continue to be his property and the property of his heirs.  This arrangement serves all the parties involved, except Justice and believing Catholics, two groups having little pull with the powers that be running and ruining the Church.

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  1. They, the bishops, still haven’t learned. And why not? They can get away with it and keep their positions. Sweep it under the rug, don’t examine, don’t discuss, don’t expose to sunlight, let it fester?
    Since I’ve been red pilled on these and other events, I’ve notice a strange seductive prideful and compliant “clericalism” that seem so prevalent in Catholicism. Pridefulness on the part of too many clergy; Compliance on the part of too many faithful. It disguises itself as being faithful, when it is not. It’s just the opposite. I am rather disgusted by it. When I see older women say “father this, father that” as though he were God. I cringe. There’s a weird symbiotic relationship there of at least potential blindness to both parties, and too often actual blindness to both parties. I can and will never leave the Church, but I am really disgusted by this.

  2. He’s 88 years old and has a life expectancy of about five years. He’s living in a Franciscan house in a prairie village with 1,200 people in it, a village which is 150 miles from the nearest city and 90 miles from the nearest good-sized town. He’s been a pustule for decades, but if they’re willing to house him I’m not seeing what the complaint is.

  3. They can get away with it and keep their positions.

    He hasn’t kept his position. He’s not subject to criminal prosecution because proscriptions on consensual sodomy are simply not enforced in this country (and, at least in New York, carry notional penalties no more severe than those for visiting a prostitute).

    The real scandal isn’t that McCarrick is housed on a Franciscan property, it’s that he wasn’t exiled there a dozen years ago.

  4. I would want him as far physically from the Church as possible.

    I suppose there might be a Franciscan house in North America more remote than the one he’s in. Can’t help but notice the official sites for the Franciscans Conventual are quite chary about telling you where any of these friars lives. The Capuchins are more forthcoming. He’s billeted in a Capuchin Friary. The Capuchins have just one Friary in the midwest located outside a city, and that’s where they’ve placed him.

  5. If it is true that the mercy you give to others is in the same measure as the mercy you shall receive, then the accommodations that McCarrick is receiving is going to benefit the Franciscan friars more so than the merciless McCarrick. I do not presume to know his eternal accommodations, however the prayers from the OFM’s for his soul will benefit him greatly.

    God have mercy on those wolves who ravaged your children dear Lord. May the victims and their families enjoy the sOnshine that is promised from the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
    He is the light and His light will shine forever.

  6. “I believe that’s Abp. Chaput’s province. Incoming from Greg Mockeridge….”

    What would this have to do Abp. Chaput, Art? If it was his province in the past, since he is a bishop, he is no longer bound to the order in any way. If he were the reigning superior of the province it might. If you actually read my criticisms of the Abp., you would know they are not personal in any way, particularly when I have praised his actions that merit such praise.

  7. McCarrick was an only child, so has no shirt-tails. The man had an antheap of aunts and uncles, but these do not appear to have been very fecund. Close cousins might have numbered as few as three, all now deceased. His cousin George McCarrick died in 2001; the obituary didn’t mention that his cousin was the Cdl Abp. of Washington.

  8. Touchy touchy.

    Pretty sure Chaput and O’Malley remain Franciscans, their episcopal appointments notwithstanding. I also imagine the provincial superior takes calls from the Archbishop.

  9. I wish there was some way to make him talk. They are isolating him and making nagging inquisitors unlikely, because they do not want him to talk, still hench coverup

  10. I wish there was some way to make him talk. They are isolating him and making nagging inquisitors unlikely, because they do not want him to talk, still hench coverup

    Talk to whom, and why? The man has already faced an ecclesiastical trial and been dismissed from the clerical state.

  11. Mr. McCarrick needs to issue a statement or better yet a videoed statement apologizing to his victims and that includes Holy Mother the Church and show remorse. How can there be true healing without that?
    Of course, if he does not believe his actions were hurtful and sinful…….

  12. He might concentrate on apologizing to the seminarians he corrupted. That doesn’t require public statements.

  13. “I wish there was some way to make him talk.”

    Perhaps we could make him listen all day to his self-righteous sermons and TV interviews.

  14. Did he give many speeches and interviews?

    What’s more irritating is that lying liar Donald Wuerl is not on ice and the See of Washington is currently occupied by the echt organization man.

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