Biden For the Defeat Alex


News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

MIAMI, FL—A major cave-in occurred after all Democratic candidates scrambled to the far left side of the debate stage Thursday evening.

As the debate kicked off, Bernie Sanders immediately ran to the left. Not to be outdone, Joe Biden vaulted over him, demanding to be the one standing farthest to the left. Buttigieg yelled, “Hey, straight dudes! Watch this!” and leaped over both of them in a fabulous cartwheel, landing perfectly right near the edge of stage left. He was given a “10” by the judges.

Kamala Harris called in a SWAT team to shoot at and arrest the other candidates while she rushed to the left side as well, though she was angry to discover this was illegal. Eric Swalwell went a step further and tried to call in a nuclear strike so he could dive as far left as possible while the others would be forced to take cover, but luckily his staffers had just given him a kids’ Spy Gear walkie-talkie and told him it was a nuke button.

As these candidates and the 495 other ones you’ve never heard of rushed to the left, a creaking sound was heard. Finally, the stage gave way, tilted far to the left, and collapsed, “just like the Titanic going down in the icy waters of the Atlantic.”


Go here to read the rest.  Real world was even funnier, as Joe Biden indicated yet again what a terrible national candidate he is, something he has been proving over and over again since 1987.


But it was the spell-binding moment when she challenged Joe Biden over his invocation of working with former colleagues who were segregationists and his record on busing that will be replayed hundreds of times.
With a withering series of questions and an emotional allusion to the fact that she was one of those little girls who rode those buses, Harris went a long way toward proving to Democratic voters that she can — as she often tells audiences — fiercely prosecute the case against Trump.
In this case, Biden was her foil.
Leaning heavily on the skills that made her so effective both as a prosecutor and as an interrogator of Trump nominees in Senate hearings over the past few years, she began quietly by alluding to the controversy that Biden stirred last week at a fundraiser when he noted that he had worked with segregationist senators in the 1970s and 1980s during what he framed as a less polarizing, more civil time in politics.
“Vice President Biden, I do not believe you are a racist, and I agree with you, when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground,” Harris said. “But I also believe — and it’s personal — it was actually hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country.”
As Biden stared straight ahead, looking somewhat pained, Harris continued by criticizing the former vice president for trying to prevent the Department of Education from enforcing school busing to integrate schools during the 1970s, noting that decision hurt a little girl in California.
“That little girl was me,” Harris said with emotion swelling in her voice. “So I will tell you that on this subject, it cannot be an intellectual debate among Democrats. We have to take it seriously. We have to act swiftly.”
His voice rising, Biden attempted to strike back, calling Harris’ remarks a “mischaracterization of my position across the board.”
“I did not oppose busing in America,” Biden replied. “What I opposed is busing ordered by the Department of Education, that’s what I opposed.”
Harris brushed off Biden’s argument for local control, arguing the federal government must step in to keep civil rights from being violated “because there are moments in history where states fail to preserve the civil rights of all people.”
The moment dealt the front-runner a serious setback that is likely to lead more than a few voters to question whether he is the best-equipped candidate to take on the current occupant of the White House. Biden eventually seemed to concede the exchange after attempting to list a long litany of civil and equal rights causes that he had championed, simply saying, “My time is up.”
Go here to read the rest.  Now Kamala Harris is an intellectual lightweight who slept her way to political power in California as the mistress of the married Willie Brown, then the Speaker of the California Assembly.  That Biden couldn’t adequately respond to this transparent fraud, tells you all you need to know as to how he would fare against a gut fighter like Trump.


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  1. Biden’s persistence in office is a puzzle, as is the implosion of the Delaware Republican Party in the last 30 years.

  2. Art:
    The Roman notion was: up or out, or up then out. You went through the cursus honorum as far as you could go. If you made consul, you served a term or two pillaging a hapless provinces as governor, then retired to babble in the Senate. If you never made consul, you just retired. After a certain point, nobody wanted to bother with you.
    Biden and too made older Dems seem to have delusions of significance.

  3. Something was missing in the buffet line.
    In trying to define the missing element a flash of orange pantsuit fired up the memory. A Clinton was missing.
    How could this be?
    It wouldn’t be the same without one stale Clinton to be mixed into the smorgasbord known as the democratic cake-walk…aka 2020 Democratic debate.


    That is funny.
    Biden for President.

  4. Joe Biden also toyed with running for President in 2020.

    If only Biden was as eager to be a Christian.

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