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The Pope continues his ongoing betrayal of the Faithful in China.  Bree Dail at Lifesite News gives us the details:


The Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong has spoken out forcefully against the Vatican’s newest “pastoral document” for the Chinese Church which gives reasons for why priests should register with the communist government. Cardinal Joseph Zen presented nine criticisms to Pope Francis and Cardinal Pietro Parolin on a recent trip to Rome, July 1, that outline his concerns about the document. 

“A text is signed against the faith and it is stated that the intention is to promote the good of the community, a more suitable evangelisation, and the responsible management of Church assets. This general rule is obviously against all fundament[al] moral theology! If valid, [it] would justify even apostasy!” stated the Cardinal in his criticisms which were published on his website today. 

“This document has radically turned upside what is normal and what is abnormal, what is rightful and what is pitiable. Those who wrote it hope perhaps that the pitied minority will die a natural death. By this minority I mean not only underground priests, but also the many brothers in the official community who have worked with great tenacity to achieve change, hoping for the support of the Holy See,” he stated later in his criticism of the pastoral document.


Cardinal Zen had been deeply involved in the recent protests that opposed the Chinese State imposition of extradition laws in Hong Kong. Many believe these laws would continue the methodical takeover of the former British colony, now acting as an independent “Special Administrative Region”. His absence, however, was noted in the recent protests. In his statement, issued this morning, His Eminence explained what caused him to remain silent until this week. 

“On the evening of June 28, I received notice (that) the Holy See (had issued the newest pastoral document for the Church in China). As a bishop and a cardinal, I cannot accept this quietly. I must raise my doubts. It was (for this purpose) that I boarded a plane to Rome on the evening of the 29th.” 

He continues: “At noon on Sunday (June 30th), I handed a letter to the Pope, to the security guard at Santa Marta dormitory (the Papal Residence) asking the Pope to let me (and the author of the statement) discuss the (document) in front of him. As I had not received a response by 4 pm on Monday, (July 1) I wrote another letter to the private secretary of the Pope, where I also attached my ‘dubia’. The secretary confirmed that my initial letter to the Pope had been received.” 

Cardinal Zen finally received a response from the office of the Secretary of State, the evening of Tuesday, July 2. His Eminence was told by an official that “the Pope said my question could be discussed with the Secretary of State. I said, ‘Then it is (lost). I have absolutely no confidence that meeting him (Cardinal Parolin) will have any impact.'” 

Go here to read the rest.  At least Judas got thirty pieces of silver for his betrayal.  The Pope has gotten bupkis from the gangsters running China, other than the well-earned traditional sign of contempt of the back of their hand.


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  1. So Cardinal Zen can’t get an audience with the Pope, but had to hand his letter to a security guard. I guess Lady Gaga and Jeffrey Sachs were in town and, perhaps, it had been a late night. This is how a good shepherd pastors his flock. The holy father is so Christ-like.

  2. Not even a Cardinal who shepherds a suffering people can get an audience with the Pope…where does that leave the rest of the faithful? If Gen. Omar Bradley, Gen. Patten, Field Marshall Montgomery et al didn’t have access to the Supreme Allied Commander, Gen. Eisenhower, I wonder how the European war would have ended?

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